Magnets and Ghosts (Members of Collective Soul)

Magnets and Ghosts

The new buzz band Magnets and Ghosts is a duo that hails from Atlanta, Georgia. The two collaborators, Dean Roland and Ryan Potesta, met in 2007 through various high profile projects they were both involved in and in November 2011, they released a full length album of their own work. The album is entitled Mass.

Revolution, I Love You

Revolution, I Love You culls elements from across the pop spectrum, including gritty indie rock guitars, dance and hip hop beats, dramatic choruses, loops, and synthesizers, and uses them to strange and somewhat psychedelic effect. Origivation Magazine called Revolution, I Love You “deconstructed pop music...Costello and The Boss and Phil Spector sucked through a rusty filter of industrialized, hipster dance music.”

R,ILY has toured the US east coast with German rock band Pandora’s Bliss, performed at Musikfest 2012 (headlined by MGMT), and MusicUnderFire named R,ILY’s single, "Cotton Shirts," one of their Top 100 Tracks of 2012.

Krissy Krissy

“I’ve been singing and showboating for as long as I could talk and walk,” says the Brooklyn-bred Krissy Krissy, the 23-year-old sings with a guttural passion nicknamed "Brooklyn's Finest" by her hometown peers. She has half a million+ hits on YouTube, 50K followers on twitter, charted top 10 at iHeartRadio, and won Freshman Pick of the Week on MTV! She is currently featured in MTV Buzzworthy, The Hype Magazine, NBC New York, The Huffington Post, Vevo Homepage, Global Grind, AOL, The Blast by -Digiwaxx, I Heart Radio, MTV, Hits Magazine "New and Developing Artists Q1-Q2 2013" (Print March 15, Vol 26 Issue 1115)

“I’m the baby girl out of a family of six kids and my dad was a pastor and very musical – he played piano and guitar and even made me my first guitar in a bathtub when I was 15. Looking back I am so thankful for my family. As I was working on my debut release, my father, who had cirrhosis of the liver, passed away. My dad was everything to me, he taught me at a young age to really believe in what I sing, to be humble, and to be a fighter. When he died, it nearly broke me. That’s why the EP is dedicated to him. Above All is directly about him because above everything, he was there for me and loved me.”

Above All, features six songs written by Krissy Krissy, with the running theme of love. The great love of a father-daughter relationship is represented in the title track. Jealous love is the focus of “Suspicious,” which is the second single from the EP. “Your Love” is about finding happiness in that ultimate love. “Broken Glass” is about loving and being yourself through difficult times. “Maybe I” touches on wishing you could’ve loved someone a little bit more. And the first single and video, “Dream,” is about the love of music and living out your dreams.

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