M.O.D., Manifest,Vampire Mooose, Danny Greene, Midnight Hour,

Billy Milano--vocals, bass
Joe Affe--guitar
Danny Burkhardt--drums

Rebel You Love to Hate, the name says it all, and the new work from Billy Milano's M.O.D. (Method Of Destruction) is not for the weak. In the two years from the disc's conception until its reality, the band and music has transformed into a new beast, and this is easily their best disc. "For me it's a whole new ball game, new members, new music and the beginning of a new era," states Milano. The Rebel You Love To Hate is more representative of a new band's first release than M.O.D. and their prior history. This disc is a new monster rearing its ugly head: listeners beware.

Shortly after the 1999 release of S.O.D.'s now legendary comeback album, Bigger Than the Devil, front man Billy Milano turned his attention to M.O.D. S.O.D. had influenced a generation of fans and now it was time for M.O.D. After watching a VH1 special on, of all people, Weird Al Yankovic at home one night, Milano realized that M.O.D.'s music could have a very cool and totally different approach if it were done in a satirical way. This direction laid the groundwork for a unique style, the meshing of heavy metal, hard rock, scathing political humor and iconic references presented in the rock forum. The Rebel You Love To Hate not only rocks, it finally addresses the hypocritical stance that many musicians, groups and musical minds seem to embrace.

On this outing, recorded at Big Blue Meanie (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Thursday) and Wayne Manor, Milano is joined by guitarist Joe Affe, formerly of New York hardcore band Maximum Penalty, drummer Dan Burkhardt and rounded out by lead guitarist Paul Crook (Anthrax, Sebastian Bach), current shredder for Meatloaf. Mixing was handled by Billy Milano (M.O.D., Merauder) and Dan Korneff (Ill Niño), while mastering took place at the premier mastering studio, Masterdisk, with Roger Lian (Slayer, Staind) at the helm. "After 2 years, the result of this record is nothing short of colossal," states Milano. "I am so happy with this record I could leave the music industry. It has production that I never thought possible. Every song on this record is a statement, every song counts as much as the others. The artwork and packaging says it all in the end for me. It's about putting the fun back into the music scene and making kick-ass records that rock."

With songs like "Wigga," which makes light of the white suburban Urban wannabe Gangsta,' to "Rage Against The Mac Machine," a song that questions not only the integrity of the band (Rage Against the Machine) but also shoots down the credibility of the group's efforts by exposing the double standard that so many musicians take but rarely understand. The techno romp of "De Men Of Stein" points out the neo--fascist fashion statement that techno seems to embrace and glorify. From the hardcore rocking title track, to the studio live version of "Get Ready," a homage to the legendary Kiss, this record offers fun for the whole family and is the feel good album of the year. Love him, hate him, you can't escape him... The Rebel You Love to Hate is guaranteed to offend the timid..


Manifest started back in 2009 with lead vocalist and songwriter Mellisa Zaccaria and well known independent singer/songwriter Jaime Redden. The two collaborated and began writing music and performing acoustically at local venues in the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Long time friend and drummer, Jonathan Morse, joined forces with the band, and shortly after, introduced Steve Duff on bass guitar. Then in March 2011, Berkley grad, Dave Lorden, came on board as the band's lead guitarist bringing along with him Garth Retallack on trombone.

Manifest encompasses a plethora of styles and would be short changed by being characterized as alternative rock, independent rock or pop music. Even though the band utilizes these elements, it's fair to say that this group of musicians have made a name for themselves and create music with superb musicianship and an energy that grabs audiences every time.

Manifest is fund raising to help cover the costs of producing their first Mastered EP and also mass producing copies. They also are in need of promotional stickers and t-shirts, a web page, and they are currently playing with an ancient PA system.

Recently, Manifest has been selected to record an EP with former Live Music Coordinator at Emerson College Radio Station 88.9FM, WERS, Michael Davidson. Davidson owns and operates his own self titled recording studio in Brighton Ma. and has recorded national acts such as Regina Spektor, The Slip, Mieka Pauly and Ryan Montbleau. Manifest is very excited about the opportunity to record with such a well-known and experienced recording artist.

Manifest plays popular venues in the Boston area such as Hard Rock Cafe, TT The Bears, Oliver's at Cask n' Flagon, and The Middle East Night Club.

Vampire Mooose

A Vampire Mooose is the meanest thing you could ever encounter."
- Eric Baudendistel

Unorthodox, unrelenting and utterly unpredictable, St. Louis quartet Vampire Mooose may well be the meanest musical beast you ever encounter. It certainly will be one of the most unique.

Fusing death metal brutality and raw hardcore intensity with abstract, progressive arrangements and jazz-like instrumental dexterity, Mooose sounds something like the progeny of an insane cross-breeding of Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan and Obituary--only weirder and more vicious.

Mooose's skull-scrambling Rotten Records self titled debut, is an album that's entirely out of this world. From Chuck Sevick's dive-bombing, turn-on-a-dime guitaring and Eric Baudendistel's tornadic drumming to Ryan Pulliam's feral, spasmodic voice and cryptic lyrics, Vampire Mooose delivers pure sonic chaos on tracks like "Spiderman Vs. Venom," "Adamantium's Elbow" and the evocative "Big House."

Add to it the surreal, effects-laden instrumental "Waltz del Monstruo" and "Evil Dead" series hero Bruce Campbell's "Welcome to S-Mart" voiceover before the crushing "Colonize," and you've got anything but the same old metal thing.

"It's an emotional train wreck that you can ride from track #1 all the way to the end of the album," said Pulliam, who cites such far-flung influences as Tool, Sepultura, Tori Amos and Phish. "I think that this album provides an atmosphere with it that most heavy albums don't provide."

"We describe our sound and our style as raucous, or as we spell it 'rawkus,' a metal sound with an almost punk feel," said Sevick. "We've always written our songs with the intention of not fitting in with any one style, or with anyone for that matter, except for people who are looking to hear something that may take a second or third listen to appreciate. That's what we listen for in music--music that is not spoon-fed and piques interest."

"I think all new school takes a couple of times to grasp it," adds Pulliam. "But after you get it, it's all love from there!"

Vampire Mooose has been getting much love in and around St. Louis since forming in early 1999. Its legion of "Mooose-heads" has grown exponentially during the past three years thanks to opening slots with Testament--and the more unlikely Nickleback and Hot Sauce Johnson--and the band's own legendary headlining gigs.

"I think we have broken many boundaries in music ... our crowd consists of people from all different backgrounds; people that like all types of music like hardcore, hip-hop, death, grind and good old jam bands," said Pulliam. "This is a hard thing to do because people that like one kind of music don't like other kinds of music and won't give it a chance if they didn't hear it for themselves."

The Mooose-heads are somewhat notorious for bringing as much intensity and aggression to Mooose shows as the band itself. This has made for nervous club owners and bouncers around the area, but it all earned enthusiastic word-of-mouth from show-goers that--along with a three-song demo available on MP3.com--helped spread the band's reputation well beyond the Heartland.

"Using our music as a springboard into the pool of aggression, our crowds have a tendency to get very wild," Sevick said.

"Our live show is very brutal and beautiful," adds Pulliam. "We have never played a show without a huge pit. Our crowd is hands down, the most loyal and insane crowd I have ever seen. Without them it's just a show, they provide the show for us and that drives us wild and makes us push harder for them.

"We don't promote violence in any way shape or form at our live shows, but things happen. We try to keep things under control, but Mooose-heads are insane and I wouldn't want it any other way."

With the debut's release imminent, and the band itching to tour, venues across America better be ready to batten down the hatches.

Vampire Mooose came together when Pulliam teamed with Sevick, former drummer James Manlove and recently departed bassist Al Carson, all veterans of such other local bands as Dr. Jones, Jibe and ninetrigger. They were acquaintances from the St. Louis-area scene, and pre-destined to work together.

"There is an old magazine (Back Stage, May-99') that features Jibe, Broke [another St. Louis metal band signed to Rotten] and ninetrigger, with a cover photo of all of us," said Sevick. "In this magazine, Ryan talks about taking all of these groups and forming one group and calling it Vampire Mooose."

And so it was done. From the start, the band was an intense endeavor. Manlove bailed in the fall of '99, and was replaced by Baudendistel, who'd attended Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he'd learned a lot of jazz.

"We were much-anticipated when we started this project," Sevick said. "We were very excited and there was a lot of energy at our live performances and that energy is still building. We are all very excited about the range of unlimited possibilities."

On the strength of the aforementioned demo, Vampire Mooose signed with Rotten last year. The debut full-length was recorded at Jupiter Studios in downtown St. Louis to record with producer Jim Callahan.

"We had so much fun, maybe too much fun," Sevick said. "There was laughing, fighting, mending, creation, destruction and nudity!! "The album is everything I had hoped it to be and more. It's heavy, mean, unrelenting, fun, and just an all-around good album. We've got Bruce Campbell on it!! What more could I ask for?"

Danny Greene

straight up hardcore.

Midnight Hour

Since breaking out in the STL music scene in 2010, Midnight Hour has played with bands such as Switchfoot, Bam Margera (Fuckface Unstoppable), Cavo, Alien Ant Farm, and many others. They've also proven their chops by competing and winning contests put on by Saint Louis' own hard rock radio station 1057 The Point. This allowed them to play the Christmas HoHo show at the Pageant, and Pointfest 30 in 2012, with other acts such as Rob Zombie, Incubus, Megadeth, and many more.
After releasing their first EP in the summer of 2012, they traveled around the Midwest region to promote the music and expand their reach. Finally settling into their sound, Midnight Hour is currently back in the studio tracking new music to be released late 2013. The band states, “We have finally found the sound that is Midnight Hour and can’t wait to share it with everyone. Our goal is to make these new tracks heavier, more diverse, and aggressively unique.”

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