Hayley Coupon

Hayley Coupon, a self-taught New York-based singer and pianist inspired by American folk and classic rock, writes songs that bridge the seemingly impassable divide between vocals-driven pop and acoustic, lyrically lush folk rock. After writing her first few songs in the spring of 2012, Coupon spent the next year collaborating closely with friends to record her debut EP, Remembrance. Richly yet sparingly orchestrated, nostalgic, and poignantly performed, Remembrance is grounded in Coupon’s rhythmic piano and expressive vocals. With influences as disparate as Joni Mitchell and Radiohead, or Leonard Cohen and Jon Brion, Coupon reclaims and updates the spirit and tradition of the singer/song-writer art form in its confessional compositions and personal imagery. Her voice has a unique tone that "sets Coupon apart from her singer-songwriter contemporaries and places her in a category all her own" (Pigeons and Planes), and her songwriting has been commended for it's "reserved strength and fierce delicateness" (Kick Kick Snare).


CONTROLLER is a NYC-based-four-piece whose brand of angular dance rock delivers a rousing punch of energy, both on record and on stage. Full of brash energy, vocalist Jonathan Bellinger, guitarist Josh Shabtai, bassist Brian Dell and drummer Keith Gordon deliver an impassioned performance, mixing screaming guitars with an authoritative post punk rhythm section and catchy melodic hooks.



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