"He was all over the stage, driving the crowd into a frenzy, grinding sounds from his guitar with the back of his hand, the ceiling beams, the mic stand. His extended solos were soul-dripping, finger-flailing explosions that he looked like he could have done in his sleep."
- Todd Hamm, Seattle Weekly
While standing behind a kick drum armed with a guitar and all kinds of attitude, Jordan Cook a.k.a. ReignWolf instantly captivates the crowd with his howling vocals, ferocious riffs, and raw energy.

The Kingston Springs

From the depths of the backwoods of Middle Tennessee, along a railroad stop where
the likes of Jessie James came to wind down, comes a band from the dried hot springs
of a classic town. The Kingston Springs are four young men with nothing to win, nothing
to lose, and some damn good music. Their taste influenced by too many and too little to
stick to one solid sound, other than that of their own. If not skatin', fishin', or sippin' Colt 45
(with some OJ for a poor boy mimosa), they're hitting the streets looking for good times.
With their heavy blues, folk, rocky top surf rock they travel all over this country known
far and wide as the United States of America sharing stories, melodies, and some good
times. Having played together for a few years, these boys have tackled festivals ranging
from Lollapalooza, to ACL, to the streets of Austin for South By Southwest.
Their debut release, The Vacation Time EP, in 2010 has garnered attention from multiple
media outlets from coast to coast. For the band's upcoming full-length debut, a self-titled
album due out in the fall of 2012, the guys stay true to their roots and record the whole
thing straight to tape for one more unique, throwback edge. What the future holds for
these boys is unclear, as with anything in this ever-changing world, however, one thing is
for sure: The Kingston Springs genuine sound will speak for itself.
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