Austin-born ZEALE's modern, young, high-energy brand of indie Hip Hop is a hot commodity.

Fresh off high profile shows Neon Desert Music Festival, Free Press Summer Fest, Mr. Fest, and more, ZEALE is on a path to convert new audiences and represent ATX's growing urban music scene with style, intelligence, and ambition.

With his own freestyle/rap credentials and appearances at Austin City Limits Festival, South by Southwest, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and Miami Music Festival, to name a few; ZEALE Rapz is positioning himself to cut a unique path through the indie and commercial music scenes.

Watch his indie hit "Monzter Hozpital" or catch ZEALE live in a city near you.

The story of GOBI begins in west Texas, in the border town of El Paso, where Justin Dillon and Phil Arciniega first met. The two would venture across the border every weekend spending countless nights dancing in the clubs and discotecas on "The Strip" in Ciudad Juarez. There the thriving dance grooves and uptempo beats would take them on many sleepless nights and instill an unstoppable curiosity and desire to create electronic dance music. A music and sound, that has led to the duo, to be compared to "RATATAT fronted by Zack De la Rocha", and has gained GOBI the reputation for turning any room into a dance party.

Their versatile style of electro hip-hop has landed them at Insominiacs 2011 Nocturnal Fest, 2011 Neon Desert Music Fest, 2012 Bacardi+ Fest, 2012 Shiner and Do512 present The Big One, and the 2012 Pachanga Music Festival.

GOBI is Chuco Phil, and J. Dillon,

Secondhand King

People always search for the question of who they are. I did, at some people you did, we all at some point looked for a reason why. I went through a lot of changes in my life, in fact many of the failures spawned many of my triumphs.

Second Hand King was first known as J-Oh, a freshman in High School, asking himself the same question. Ultimately I gave up and said I just wanted to be "normal". I wanted to be like everybody else, so I followed in line, I tried to fit in. J-Oh was my first rap alias, if you can picture a small, pale kid trying to hone his lyrics to the likes of The Game, Tupac, etc. that was me. I put out a CD, and it sold out, within seconds. What I tried so desperately to avoid, was eating at me all the time. I was a joke. I was a liar, thief, spineless, waste of money and time, that's who I was. But I was lucky...

I met a friend who changed my life one day when he questioned "who I was". At first I panicked, scared of what was already forming in my own head. I did what I always did, ran. Ran away from reality, but after all that running, I had to eventually stop and when I did I started to think. I looked around and every wall I built started to crumble. That's when I created Second Hand King. Second Hand King is a message, there's always another go around, and maybe this time, you'll go from peasant to king, but it's all about how you act and it's the choices you make. A little later I created my own style, Doo Wop Rap after hearing the song "The Duke of Earl" by Gene Chandler. That Doo Wop sound, that you can just put on a Doo Wop song and whatever is going on, just feel happy. Although still working on defining that sound, That Doo Wop Feeling that's what I want to bring in every song I write.

So the question of "Who I am". I still have no idea, but that's what makes this journey all worth it. Doo Wop / Rap is what makes me happy, and I have dedicated my life to promoting, creating, and performing. I guess in the long run, the question shouldn't be Who you are, but who you want to become.

Thank you for the time,
Joe Stanziola aka Second Hand King



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