We are a Dark Folk band from Denver, Colorado.

"After fronting the locally-renowned Ghost Buffalo for six years (with ex-husband and former Planes Mistaken for Stars guitarist, Matt Bellinger) Litton parted ways with Ghost Buffalo and Bellinger, and channeled her seemingly endless energies into Lil Thunder, an outfit not unlike her previous band. While enjoying playing with Lil Thunder, there was a softer, ultimately darker sound that Litton was after. She'd spent her post-Ghost years in a luge of therapeutic songwriting, and was eager to find a band that could not only pull off her brand of sonic fragility, but could go the distance as full time musicians. After finding a pair of likeminded players, and only being together a few months, PrettyMouth recorded the album, Satan in Clothes, a collection of emotionally dense, musically fragrant songs that compliment Litton's indie-twang vocals." - Westword Magazine



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