Like the love child of zydeco and salsa, this irrepressibly danceable music is a fresh, tropical aural fruit salad, a gorgeous mixture of impossibly delicious sounds like juicy mango accordions, peppery percussion, and the passion-fruit portuguese poetry as sung by scintillating São Paulo songstress Gabriella. It's hard to believe it was once the theme music of the Cangaçeiros, the infamous desert 'pirates' of Brazil's hinterlands.

Forró dancing starts simple, like a two step, but as the music quiets the brain and moves bodies, we're reminded that Brazil wasn't founded by Puritans.

$7 advance • $8 day of show


Portland, OR band z'Bumba brings forró music from the Brazilian Northeast to the American Northwest. Thousands of miles northeast of Rio, there's a dusty land where Afro-Brazilian rhythm meets bittersweet, baroque harmonies in an earthy, accordion-rich stew called forró (fo-HOh.) Thousands of miles northwest of Brazil, there's a soggy land where naked cyclists rule the streets, irony is rampant, and locals are just as likely to dance forró as alien-robot dubstep. It doesn't matter whether you call it Brazilian Zydeco or salsa-meets-polka-- just grab someone you like or think you might, hold them close, and start a wiggling two-step like you forgot what 'puritan culture' means. Welcome to forró.

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