Brian Elmquist, Barefoot & Bankside, Trisha Ivy, Pet Kinship

Brian Elmquist

Elmquist is a roots rock singer-songwriter. He is a Georgia original, a Nashville noisemaker and now a Brooklyn urbanite. He pens tender laments and angry regrets about hometown ghosts, front porches, empty guns and bankrupt hearts. His hero is Springsteen. He studies Bono and follows Neil Young. He can easily coast between roles. He can be the dealer, the gambler, the captain, the captive, the lover and the fighter. He'll fight against adversity, but for the girl he loves. He celebrates the small things and leaves the past behind. He's walking toward the sun to meet you at the crossroads. From there, heaven only knows.

Barefoot & Bankside

Barefoot & Bankside is a music project built around the songwriting & vocal stylings of Jamey "Brother" Hamm & Amanda Neill. The name is a way to honor that special time and place of growing up in the south and wasting away those muggy summer days on the river banks and running wild through the creeks. No shirts or shoes required (insert "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" Baptism scene here).

Born & raised true southerners from Alabama & Tennessee, these two genuinely blend the familiar sounds of classic country music, gospel and even a little alternative/southern rock. Depending on the day, you may experience an intimate acoustic duo or a full out rock show, band included. Leading on guitar and foot drums, Brother Hamm will get you clapping & stomping along while Amanda charms the crowd with her dancing, hair whipping & stage banter. In tow are some true players and friends that help bring their sound to full life with pedal steel, banjo, mandolin, horns & bass.

Trisha Ivy

This local Brooklyn singer/song writer was born in Memphis, TN. So it's no wonder her music has country roots. Trisha grew up with influences such as Patty Griffin and Hank Williams and has been playing music in the city since her arrival in 2005. Her music is a foot stompin', vocally driven mix of old country and folk with a whole lotta soul behind it.

Pet Kinship

We are two people from Fredericksburg, Virginia. And Beijing. And Brooklyn. Lee Salevan wanted to produce an EP so he asked us and we said ok. Basically we camped out in the NYU studios for 2 1/2 days and had a bunch of friends over to drink coffee and play music. Thanks Lee, Justin, Kevin, Nate, and others! You can download it for free on Bandcamp.

$6.00 - $8.00


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