Kitty in a Casket

Kitty in a Casket

It was in the year 2008 that Kitty and Billy decided to launch the project "Kitty in a Casket" to play creepy Punk Rock influenced by "Billy" and Rock-n-Roll styles. With two more band members, the idea was immediately realized and the first LP titled "Horror Express" was released on Crazy Love Records. This was soon followed up by the EP release "HalloWien". In June 2011 the band finally released another CD with the title "Back to Thrill" (Wolverine Records). The "feline plague" spread like wildfire and Kitty in a Casket quickly became everybody's darling. Beyond the studio recordings, they proved their mettle in live shows across Europe, also playing at major festivals such as WGT 2010 and Back to Future in Germany, Psychobilly Meeting in Spain, Fiesta du Rock and Sjock in Belgium, Warhead Fest in Poland, Pod Parou in Czech Republic, Club Sin in Finland among many others. At the moment the band works on new tracks for a SplitEP and a Long Player.

The Returners

For the last ten years members of the Returners have been writing and performing in some of Southern California and New Jersey's most notorious underground punk and hardcore bands touring the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Europe, and the United Kingdom and sharing the stage with bands such as 45 Grave, the Adicts, Agression, Conflict, Damnation, DI, Earth Crisis, Final Conflict, Icons of Filth, Phobia, the Presidents of the United States, Subhumans, TSOL, Voodoo Glowskulls, and countless others.

Forming together as the Returners they sought to blend the traditional old school punk rock that they grew up on with the darker aesthetics of deathrock, horror punk, gothic, and psychobilly. Choosing their name from the cult horror film Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore in Europe) the Returners share its themes of Love, Death, and all that blurs in between as well as its appreciation and love for the macabre.

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