A Life Worth Living, I Ate a Monster, The Dead Lotus Society, Stillness Before the Storm

A Life Worth Living


I Ate a Monster

Formerly known as Go Ask Alice, we are getting a fresh start and am poised to take the Denver area by storm...
We're an up & coming metal band from Denver, CO. We come from all walks of life, all different cities and states, and all different influences that have inspired us to become the musicians we are today. We are Go Ask Alice, and we're not your typical metal band...female fronted vocals, harmonizing screams and catchy riffs sets us apart from most bands in today's music scene. We play with tremendous heart and fans feel that through the music. We bring singable songs along with brutal breakdowns that keep fans guessing.
Formerly known as Go Ask Alice. We changed our band name because of another european band and plus we wanted a fresh start.

The Dead Lotus Society

Fronted by femme metal vocalist, Hyatt, The Dead Lotus Society gives birth to some sort of cesspool with the verbiage of a Chuck Palahniuk novel. With a growing number of Hot Topic shows and expanding their performances across Colorado and Texas, you can expect to hear the mantra of these Lotus Eaters spread like a plague. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Oh, and we mean it when we say "Teddy Bear Massacre".

Stillness Before the Storm

We are a Metal band from Parker, Colorado. We are currently recording songs with our own equipment :).

$5 - $10


I Ate a Monster The Dead Lotus Society Stillness Before the Storm A Life Worth Living

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