Chris Hicks Band (of The Marshall Tucker Band)

Chris Hicks Band (of The Marshall Tucker Band)

Chris Hicks is a current member of Southern rock legends The Marshall Tucker Band and past member of The Outlaws, playing lead and slide guitar and is a featured vocalist, and has been brandishing his style of rock and roll since his teens. Whether it was in his early groups - Legacy, the Fresh Figs and Loose Change - or as a solo artist, The Hitman has captivated audiences with his netherworld vocals, arena echoing axmanship and his freight train harmonica playing. He's a compelling songwriter of the first order. He's Toy Caldwell and Ronnie Van Zant rolled into one. He is southern rock royalty in the making - and if anyone doubts that, catch his act... for it is the stuff legends are made of!



For dinner reservations during the show, phone 202 556-2050, and ask to be seated on the club level. Tickets to the show must be purchased separately, and do not include table reservations.

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