Mystikal w. The Level Heads and RELLO & OBF


Multi-platinum, 3x Grammy nominee Mystikal is back with his signature gruff sound and headed straight to the top of the charts.

The Level Heads

The Level Heads are not your average MC-Producer duo. The relationship between Lokes and Lipset was forged in the creative fires of their musical synergy. It wasn't until Lipset pushed Lokes to complete the Level Heads LP with him that Lokes seriously considered music as a career choice. Similarly, it was over Lokes' beats that Lipset found his true voice and style as an MC. As a result, their musical paths have been linked indefinitely.

The Level Heads music is characterized by Lipset's mid-western hip hop and spoken word roots coming together over Lokes' west-coast, island reggae and R&B roots to create a sound that has never been heard before. This style came to a point on The Level Heads LP, which was released to regional acclaim in November 2010. With one album now under their belt, Current Affairs: The Alien Project, The Level Heads are turning their creative focus to the ongoing, Heads UP: Digital Music Series, which features a new artist on a new song from The Level Heads during the first week of every month. Make sure you check out our youtube page and stay updated on all the madness of The Level Heads.



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