Indie duo Diana Salier and Rob Justesen formed Swells in late 2011 with the self-recorded Lost At Sea demos, a collection of retro-surf-rock tunes befitting of their name.

Sea Knight

Like the meaning behind the name, sea knight’s music can be at once fierce and as soft as flight. Delivering dynamic, moody indie rock, the San Francisco trio constantly switches between minimalism and layered rumblings; dark melodies are balanced with stirring rock energy, and genuine emotion is at the heart of lyrics and sound. With Linda on vox/guitar, Cory on drums, and Patrick on guitar, one song might simply pair slide guitar with haunting vocals while the next song might blast heavy drums with powerful wailing. Each song carries an arresting gravity of its own.


Formed in late 2012, Mosaics plays an electrifying blend of upbeat indie rock/pop and has begun performing at venues throughout San Francisco in support of their forthcoming EP set for release this August.

Magic Fight

Magic Fight began in Oakland, California in a balmy summer's dream.


Magic Fight began in Oakland, California in a breezy late spring nightmare.

$7.00 - $10.00


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