South Side Cindy & the Slip-Tones

South Side Cindy
South Side Cindy was born Cindy Sauerwein and was raised in the small town of Brimfield, Illinois - Population 850. She has performed professionally since the age of 16. The very day she got her driver’s license she found a job singing in a band. It wasn’t long until Cindy knew that she was no longer destined to follow the route of the “cover band” scene and realized that she was ready to write her own songs and put together her own team to collaborate, record and perform.

By day Cindy has worked in Information Technology, an industry that is known to utilize many of the same talents of music. In the IT industry, it is well known that people who are skilled in music often excel in the world of IT because of their ability to translate meaning into other languages. Thus whether in the language of computer programming or the language of music South Side Cindy has always led a dual life – “a computer nerd by day and a rocker by night!”

Cindy writes the core of her songs on guitar and piano. She is a triple threat as a song writer, vocalist and performer and gives every ounce of energy to the audience. Her talent and class on stage are her trademark.

The Slip-Tones
Wendy Garnant
Originally from Champaign, Illinois. Wendy’s amazing voice brings the added plus to the band. She has toured singing back-up with Dave Chastain and is secretly a drummer for a pipes and drums band, Celtic Cross. She originally joined The Slip-Tones in 2002 and is now key in providing great vocals as well as acoustic guitar.

Steve Youngren
From Sunnyland, Illinois where from the age of 13 his electric guitar began to ring through the streets and and various festivals throughout the midwest. When it comes to his idols, Steve digs old Led Zeppelin and Stevie Ray Vaughn incorporating his hot licks into the song writing collaboration. When Steve takes the stage, you can see that he can't wait to get started and play that lead guitar!

George Smith III (Tre)
Our newest member of our band, this 21 year old bass prodigy, Tre Smith, was born in Decatur, Illinois. He loves Eric Ingram, Snarky Puppy, Gretchen Parlato, and John Mayer. Having been a drummer, Tre was called on to fill in on bass for a jazz quartet only 3 years ago, and has never looked back as he developed his love for the groove and has added the “punch” to the band!

Jim Donahue
Influenced by Deep Purple and ELP, in his young days in Peoria, IL, Jim now loves Jack White and Grace Potter. He has been with The Slip-Tones longer than any other member with 11 years. He collaborates song-writing with South Side Cindy and has also written songs with his wife, Mary Donahue. Jim's aspiration? He wants to be Dan Diefendorf. . .

Dan Diefendorf
"The Merconary" - Dan has played drums filling in with so many countless rock, swing, blues, and jazz bands - more than he can count! While setting up and tearing down the drums, Danny often wishes he had taken up the harmonica, but in between he is a world class rock and jazz drummer with unyielding excitement in laying it down for South Side Cindy.

Justin Torres Loop Project

Justin Torres, Apollo Knaul and Mr. Siggs are Justin Torres Loop Project!
Blasting out of St Louis MO Live Electronic Vibes soar off into another dimension..using live loops in natural time JTLP will take the listener to new heights with catchy lyrics and hot rhythms forming a new sound ready to hit every open ear...Made in 2009 JTLP is growing and has since played in music festivals all over the midwest and with acts such as That 1 Guy ,Rusted Root, Dark Star Orchestra, Split Lip Rayfield, Head for the Hills, BoomBox, Jaik Willis, Spread, ClusterPluck, Jake's Leg, Zoogma, Brainchild, Spankalicious, 56 Hope Road, Thinner Teed, Ben Miller Band, Dead Larry, Mothership Connection, Useful Jenkins, Jon Eric, The Mayfiles, Dustin Thomas, Urizen, The Memorials, Green Lincoln, Leveld, The Great Barrier Reefs, Ifdakar, MC Sparkplug and so many more!

Stomache Ache and the Dukes

Mike and Olivia

Soulful singing, smooth space keyboard and rich harmonies. Mike and Olivia play original music and original renditions of great songs by artists like the Grateful Dead, Norah Jones and Paul Simon. They recently add Kyle Cottingham to the group for percussion. Kyle drums with great Springfield bands like Sunshine Daydream and Hot Bag of Donuts.



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