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With the release of the Whitney Myer Band's fourth and final album, appropriately titled, "The End Of The Beginning" in the spring of 2013, Whitney embarks on a new project as a solo artist. Her forthcoming EP is titled, "Articles of Luminous Nature" and is comprised of Whitney's core influences: soulful vocals, intricate rhythms, and stacked harmonies and electronic synths. Using a loop pedal to layer live and electronic instruments, percussion and vocals, Whitney is a solo artist with a full sound.

Whitney Myer grew up in a musical household. Her father played in a 90's ska band called The Mudsharks, touring with such acts as No Doubt and Sublime. Whitney grew up in the moshpits of Mudsharks concerts and developed an appreciation for music and live performance on a molecular level. She began writing her own songs at age 13, with her father backing her up on guitar. They started playing shows the following year, and in 2005 she recorded and released her first album with the Whitney Myer Band--which was her father, uncle and the bassist from the Mudsharks backing her up. The album, Last Days, explored the intersection of Whitney's father's jazz and funk influences with her own teenage angst.

After earning a degree in Spanish, Whitney quickly returned to her music, releasing a second album in 2010, Dream Killer. The album skyrocketed the band to popularity in their hometown of Reno, as well as all over the West Coast. They bought a tour bus and began traveling the country, playing over 165 shows between 2011 and 2012 and appearing at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, TX. Back in her hometown, the album, Dream Killer won Best Album, the band was voted Best Band, and Whitney was voted Best Musician three years in a row by the Reno News & Review.

During a rare free weekend, Whitney had an uncharacteristic urge to drive San Francisco to audition for NBC's "The Voice." Six months later she was seen by 6 million people on the nations number one television show, singing to celebrity judges, Christina Aguilera, Cee lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton and garnering adoration and support from all four of them.

After "The Voice," Whitney wanted to return to the roots of her music and perform it in a more personal way. She began writing songs that were closer to the pattern of her own soul. To do this, she had to break away from the comfort of the band that was literally family to her and make music that was completely her own. Her solo work is a creative project that allows Whitney to blend musical styles and creatively realize all of her life experiences in a truly unique and unfettered way. The first album from her new project will be released on April 26th, 2013 at the Grand Sierra Resort in her hometown, with a summer tour schedule to follow.

What do you get when you compile a group of musically-inclined individuals named Mogli, Khalil, Pharaoh and Chris? An identity crisis with some rhythm. Our courageous musical warriors united in June 2010 and immediately started battling for turf on the streets, corners, and alleys of San Francisco in a DIY-styled effort to spread, what a wino in North Beach would shortly dub, MAD NOISE.

Out of amazement for their sheer audacity, the East Bay Express's Rachel Swan was the first to recognize the group's tenacity. After a year of a grueling campaign on the streets, crashing food festivals and farmer's market, MAD NOISE has been recognized throughout the Bay Area press as "Best Live Act" (Daily Cal), "Best Hyperliterate Busking Outfit" (SF Weekly), and now been "Best Local Band" through SF Bay Guardian's readers poll. So, at this point, you have to start wondering exactly how is it that three college students led by one gonzo graduate student have finagled their way into every possible type of music venue in the area while winning the admiration and loyalty of fans young and old? All in the space of about a year of street performing? There-in lies the magic of MAD NOISE!

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