Naked Gods, formed during the third millennium, are a five piece rock and roll band hailing from Boone, an otherwise sleepy town in western North Carolina’s mountains. Don’t let that geography mislead you; as a unit the band combines the influences of big, noisy guitar indie rock, abstract bass warbling, frenzied drum bursts & vocals capturing the sensitivity & sentimentality of youth lost & found, delivered with swagger by one of the burliest guys you’ve ever seen. Its like the pizza delivery boy stole all their instruments, re-tuned them with some logic heretofore tonally unknown, returned them, & set them loose together in search of melody. The band has been on a musical journey for years now, tirelessly experimenting with song craft, structures, textures, moods & home recording techniques, all the while garnering a growing reputation for their wild stage shows in & around the region. In 2012 the band released its second full length, No Jams, through Funny/ Not Funny Records. So check them out, live or on record, somewhere vaguely near you, as Naked Gods continue to evolve, write & record new songs, mutter bad jokes from stage, & try to forward their music with all the harmony &/or dissonance of friendship, community, & experimentation intrinsic to rock and roll.

Other Colors

Other Colors is a “future folk-rock” and “exploratory pop” trio from Baltimore comprised of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Will Ryerson on guitar and vocals, Pat Berberich on bass guitar and vocals, and Dan Whatley on keyboard, guitar and vocals.

The band’s self-titled debut album was recorded at home by Ryerson in 2010 and released on Baltimore-based label Genpop in early 2011. A quick set of tightly crafted songs driven by infectious melodies, vocal harmonies and atmospheric lo-fi production, the recording has a classic feel while evoking a wide variety of musical reference points both old and new.

The band has just completed their second album “Free Thoughts”, and is currently looking for a label to release it. Recorded in Baltimore by engineer Dan Frome (Roomrunner), the new album features contributions from several notable local musicians, including Dave Jacober (Dope Body/Dan Deacon Ensemble) and Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak).

The Lollipops

Iggy Cosky began recording songs at 14 and hasn't slowed down since. "Songs are just pouring out of my head," explains the young Raleigh resident, who says he tries to write a song each day. "At the end of the week, I'll take one and really try to bring it to life." Though he released an EP in January under his own name and quit the two bands in which he toured as a guitarist, Cosky's music career took on new life after an attempt to take his own. "My depression and mania pushed me over the edge," he says. After a four-week stay in April at a mental hospital, Cosky left with about 30 songs and a new name for his solo material.

Emphasizing short, infectious pop ditties, Lollipops—"sugary and sweet," he boasts—fit Cosky's new direction, influenced by far-flung idols from Fela Kuti to Billie Holiday.

Having met DiggUp Tapes' Nathan Price prior to his hospitalization, Cosky sent Price some tracks he'd recorded for Lollipops' Pop Narcotics EP. Cosky played all the instruments on the May release, so Price helped him assemble a live band. Cosky says he is already several tunes into his next release, Your Royal Masochist & The Love Crusades. - Spencer Griffith; Independent Weekly



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