The Limns w. Aitas

The Limns

Minneapolis’ Feel Good Island Vibe Rock Band “The Limns” can be summed up in 1 word: Smiles! This applies to both the band and the people in the crowd… you will never see another show with more smiles. Their genre bending high energy shows please any crowd young and old with a mix of Reggae, ska, folk, and rock. The cast of characters that make up “The Limns” are an entertaining eclectic bunch to say the least, with multiple talents such as singing, playing a wide variety of instruments, juggling, unicycle riding, and a barrage of other circus skills. This group of strange but beautiful humans will entertain you at their show, leave their songs stuck in your head, and will still have you smiling the next day.


"A revolution must start. It must start within the hearts of every human of every country of every continent. It must swell at first with a humbling sense of honesty and then finally explode into a realization that he is Man, that he is connected fully with Nature, the Universe, and all in it; it must take hold the great minds of the world and help them to realize that they are their own souls, their own men, and their own decider. A revolution of heart, soul and mind."


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