Williams Ink

Williams Ink

Williams ink, formed in 2010, is a four piece power pop rock band out of Denver, Colorado trying to bring a classic rock feel to the modern scene. Williams Ink has released a self-titled full length debut album on August 1, 2011 that features guitar heavy rock from bands like "Kiss" or the "Eagles of Death Metal" mixed with melodic lines found in bands like "Oasis" and "Band of Horses". Williams Ink plan to promote the record through various social media platforms, including williamsinkmusic.com, and as many shows as possible in Denver and around Colorado.

Williams Ink was formed when Todd Williams, front man and main song writer, arrived at the home of Quinn Cox for a routine furnace inspection in the winter of 2010. After seeing a guitar in the corner Todd began to talk music and and an instant common ground developed. Quinn had recently moved from California where he had played in an original rock band called "The Wagon", wagonmusic.com, and had produced two records for them. Then over a brief two year stint in Arizona had just finished a folk hip hop record for BoldBird, boldbirdmusic.com. Now in Denver, Todd gave Quinn his Myspace address filled original songs where he had played every instrument and played them well. The duo began to meet and put the finishing touches on Todd's material when they decided it was time to fill out the band. Phil Farias was introduced to Quinn by a friend and had experience playing drums in bands out in Florida. The chemistry was instant, Phils chops were tight and just one member remained to be found. Todd talking to Jake Shifman at work one day finds out he is a great guitar player and is willing to play the bass for the band to become Williams Ink. Jake was unable to continue to find time for the band so a search once again would lead Todd to find Abe through a mutual friend. Abe has played bass in different bands in California and Colorado and now sits comfortably in Williams Ink.

Williams Ink played several shows in and around Denver between the winter of 2010 and beginning of 2011 capturing video for their website and getting ready to hit the studio March, 2011. Now they plan to continue to play with a new show featuring the songs from the new release and some well chosen cover's from bands like the "Ramones" and "The Beatles". The live Shows are packed with energy and stage presence as Todd rules the center of the stage and guitars and drums rock together with vigor.

The Jacob Cade Project

The Jacob Cade Project-formed in Nov 2012. Jacob Cade-14 years old (lead guitar/vocals), Dave Dyer-drummer, Jim Cade (bass player and Jacob's Dad). All original music and lyrics.

Donnie Williams and The Mighty Hands

Donnie J. Williams is a rockabilly, blues and country legend, hailing from South Dakota, with lightning fast hands and the voice of an experienced angel. His extensive touring throughout his career shows in his music and total command of a feeling, instrument and crowd. Out of town dates are not as common these days so he not to be missed if you have the chance to see him in your town.

Ben Jenkins

Salutations! I am Benjamin Jenkins. I have many nicknames, such as Bennie and Ben-JAM-In, but formerly, I love to be called Ben. I have a developmental disorder called autism. I have an exceptional comprehensive skill on classic novels; I dance as my workout; but most of all, I have been born to play the piano. You see, the piano is the most beautiful gift that I had loved, played with & played on, and listened to my entire life. This year, as a senior in high school, which I am nervous but ecstatic for, I will be honored to have such successful talent and prepare for my future. I started talking when I was 5 and got diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). When I had my first trip to Mountain Rose (a little cabin, a tiny bit northwest of Fort Collins), I had my first song that I sang from “The Wizard of Oz” and my family laughed their heads off. It was then that I first learned to sing. I have had a piano teacher named Bonnie Dodd-Bensen since I was 8. I have been attending the Denver School of the Arts (or simply called, DSA) as my high school, and I auditioned there for the Piano Department. This is not just the story about my love of the piano, but also the story of my last year in my present school, that I will be sharing in this blog. Incidentally, I would like to share two topics: 1. why I love the piano and why I was born to play it. & 2. why I have been accepted to DSA. My first topic is as follows: As I said before, the piano is the inspiration of my life and the most beautiful-sounding gift. This instrument has touched my heart and emotions wherever and whenever I practice, and recite my music for my family, my friends, and the crowds of people. It is my best talent and has helped to give me my love for music. Every time I listen to the piano on a recorded song or when I practice it, sometimes it reaches out for me. The melody and the harmony cheer me up when I feel down during my practice. The ebony and ivory reflect my personal background and my fingers to the sounds of its music. I will always be part of this beautiful, majestic, and grand masterpiece! The second topic is as follows: Because DSA has a great variety of musical arts; I wanted to go to that school. It’s not just high school, you see; most of the students begin in 6th grade. This school keeps a good schedule for the concerts and auditions. I auditioned for 9th grade. DSA has great students and friends, great teachers, great events, fun and learning. Most of all, DSA is the only place where I love to get together, to learn, to have fun, and to focus and enjoy the music around the building.



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