Originally a post-hardcore band in its infancy, North Carolina's Harvard has evolved into an emotionally captivating and enthralling group of musical artists. That word is important and requires stressing: artists. Because art is the driving force behind everything Harvard strives to achieve. Each song is a color or stroke across the canvas that is their debut release, The Inevitable and I, on Enjoy The Ride records. The musical landscape they create is shaped with cascading guitar melodies churning beneath soft, yet fervent, vocal croons. Their songs are sculpted and woven together meticulously to evoke a personal response from the listener. And their craft is not relegated to the passive listening experience of a travel soundtrack or the background drone found at any social function. It transcends these and culminates in a live spectacle fueled as much by passion and human sweat as it is the desire and ache to share it; because it is what they love. That's what artists do.

Silver Snakes

Pictures of a Floating World, Silver Snakes debut released in August of 2011, is a tribute to free thinking – focusing on societal themes and individuality. It showcases glimpses of rock experimentalists At the Drive In and Fugazi, both major influences on the Snakes' sound. "Steve and Roger have been good friends of ours for a while. We had always planned to do the record with them since they understood what we were going for in making a 90s influenced, raw rock record," says Alex on working with Steve Choi and Roger Camero. The album touches on several genres, while not overstaying its welcome in any particular one.

The Old Screen Door

Garrett Wildgust: Lead vocals, lead guitar
As a self-taught guitarist who has loved singing and performing since he was a young boy, Garrett’s great drive and enthusiasm, focuses the mission of the band. His unique vocal style, outrageous sense of humor, and charisma make him an instant favorite with fans. His goal is to touch you and transport you away from your troubles. His ability to state the obvious with creative flow makes his lyrics memorable and exciting to hear. Just try NOT to dance!

Harrison Reich: Drums
Harry was given a drum set as a boy, but it took attending a concert where he witnessed the fun and excitement the drummer was having on stage, to motivate him to dust it off and seriously pursue his talent. Never having performed prior to The Old Screen Door, Harrison quickly fell in love with all aspects of performing and shares that joy with the fans. As the “big picture” guy in the band, he brings a sense of humor, keeping the energy light and flowing. His goals include growing as a musician and moving forward with the band you will want to follow!

Clay Grossman: Bass
Clay started playing music in high school and immediately caught the performance fever. “There is no greater inspiration than seeing people dance or sing along to one of our songs,” said Clay. His love of music has few boundaries, he can play most instruments and has played in bands ranging from country music to heavy metal. “Bass creates the backbone for any song. It is rhythm you can get lost in.”

Michael Buck: Keys
The most formally trained, structured musician in the group, Michael studies the music of past decades to understand what made each genre special and how to bring that to today’s market. Bringing this knowledge and talent to The Old Screen Door, Michael’s keyboard scores are exciting, progressive, and fluid. Quiet and demure with a huge heart, Michael acts as the mediator, bringing a calm and grounded spirit to the band.



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