The Great Apes, Chromatropic

The Great Apes

Before the return of Electro-Discombobulation, a seed was planted in the heart of the groove. From the seed grew a race that sought the essence of sweat. Finding their source of nutrients and spiritual gold deep in the jungles of New York City, they became known as The Great Apes


Chromatropic is as unique as their name would suggest. While the Brooklyn band's lineage can be traced from a wide variety of musical influences, the end result is difficult to categorize. Combining visionary instrumentation and songwriting with improvisation and exploration, Chromatropic enjoys the absolute sonic freedom that is only granted to music without vocals. Free from the confines of traditional musical form, Chromatropic explores the sonic landscape and proudly invites you to be a part of the journey!

Chromatropic has shared the stage with such notable acts as Eoto, Break Science, Dopapod, Consider The Source, Sophistafunk and many more!



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