Scott Weaver & co.’s Thursday night parties at Snug Harbor have become legendary. Many people have not made it into work or to class on Fridays since this madness began.

After a wild night of drinking & dancing, the running joke…”I got SHIPWRECKED at SHIPROCKED!” has become a staple of conversations for many in Plaza-Midwood.

Juan Huevos, known to his fans and friends as J Waves, is a young buck dumb fuck. A CEO of the bedroom rap scene, an untalented white guy of the synth production scene, an underwear model of the music scene. Drunk off a fantasy world that mimics reality, the kid J Waves is crying one moment, flying high the next, charming his way into young hearts and not knowing what to do once he gets there.

Lo-fi beats when made by hand, hi-fi raps about things you can relate to.
Hi-fi beats when fucking with French electro producers or tall, black underground legends, lo-fi dirty south spits on some definite G shit. Like,
what exactly are you looking for here? Do you even know? Juan Huevos can deliver. He's happiest when it's simple, but we can go tech, oh yes we can. Maybe even sing a little.

Light one up (but not with Waves, he'll be too freaked out to leave the
house and you'll just be sitting there, hearing him talk about himself while
he pretends to be a good listener) and check out what it means to recognize real, because there is nothing fake about this guy. Egotistical as hell and revealing. A sense of entitlement dished out onto a plate of self-deprecation. Served hot. Eat it up, sucka.



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