Foxfield Four

Foxfield Four

Enter a world of music where catchy dances with brilliance. Where “pop” isn't a four-letter word. In this world a piano is a billboard, a ladder or a stomp box when not played backwards. Drums are meant to be torn apart and played by everyone. In this world, six musicians equal four. Enter the world of Foxfield Four.

Led by the classically trained pianist, David James, Foxfield Four is a pop-rock, piano-driven spectacle in the tradition of Ben Folds and Jerry Lee Lewis, whose energy and prowess on stage reminds their listeners that music can be both technical and inviting; honest and exciting. With his brother, Preston, and fellow Denverites, Wes Barton and Mike Albrecht, James takes the audience on a roller coaster of dynamic melodies, fun-loving harmonies, gripping rhythms and supernatural solos.

Their 2010 album, "Street Performer", released under the moniker, The David James Band, garnered local praise for its catchy melodies and jazz-inspired style. The final track, "", earned James the BMI John Lennon Scholarship. The album spins on 93.3FM KTCL, 97.3FM KBCO, Colorado Public Radio, Pandora and multiple other stations around the country. Musicians and non-musicians alike can appreciate the band’s ardent approach to writing and inspired live performances.

By 2012, Foxfield Four included a horn section, with Colton Crandell on trumpet and Josh Clark on sax. Recently opening for Mayer Hawthorne, The Head and the Heart and chosen to perform in Denver’s Westword Music Showcase 2013, Foxfield Four continues to propel forward, releasing their sophomore EP, "Weatherman", in early 2013. With a guest appearance by American Idol’s Mathenee Treco on its title track, “Weatherman” is already a hit amongst critics and fans alike. Consistent with their determination to throw caution to convention, this six-member four-piece dazzles fans with an up-tempo and mature groove, sprinkled with a healthy dose of James’ acrobatic piano gymnastics - continuing their never-ending quest for "Pop Music Rehabilitation".

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