Up For Nothing, The Marine Electric, Edmonton, Chumped

Up For Nothing

Having never stepped foot in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut I have a rather strong affinity for the Tri-State area. Some might find my geographic crush a bit odd but it's well deserved based solely on bands the region seems to produce. Brooklyn's Up For Nothing is one of those bands. Remember when bands played "pop-punk" that still actually had something to do with punk (I.E. Bouncing Souls, Grey Area, or even SoCal's Face to Face)? They had a sound that was more authentic, before the mainstream bottled it up and mass produced it for America's tweens. Well, Up For Nothing reminds me of that. Good, heart on your sleeve, fast and fun pop-punk. No hair straightener included. These Brooklyn punks don't need a lot of fancy words to describe their sound.

The Marine Electric

Music straight from the brains of four of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Become weightless with us in a world of incredible burden and indelible numbers.



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