Country Tuesday

Alcohol and country music served until 2am

Looka! Looka! Looka!

Looka Looka Looka originally started on the streets of Cleveland in early 2012, playing in front of a tip jar made from an old soup can. The traveling noisemakers have been known to employ a selection of instruments from fiddle, accordion & washboard, to trumpets, trombones and saxophones. They deliver a home-made brand they call "dumpster-swing" from state to state as they travel across the U.S. with plans to see the world.

The Gold Hope Duo

Stripped down upbeat Rhythm & Blues, Country, folk and a pinch of Rockabilly, The Gold Hope Duo is a joint effort between front-persons Lara Hope and Matt "The Knife" Goldpaugh. Lara strums the guitar while Matt slaps the Upright Bass or picks the 5 String Banjo. They share percussion duties with their fast feet and live by the motto "If you can't do it, kazoo it!" Their powerful voices intertwine, harmonize and amaze.
A duo sure to make you dance, laugh, drink and grab your partner's behind. They're made of fun!



18 up - Additional $5 surcharge for under 21 collected at door.

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