Drowners formed in early 2012 when singer/guitarist Matt Hitt booked a show before he'd gotten a band together. He sent some demos he'd written to guitarist Jack Ridley and bassist Erik Snyder, friends he'd met in bars in downtown NYC and started playing shows. Drummer Lakis Pavlou joined a few months later. They released a 7" in the UK in February and are currently balancing boozing and band practice.


"it was just my demos, but my buddy teddy who also went to school with me and ian, plays drums, we've lived together and played in side bands before, my buddy vinny plays bass, he sells dank nugz, and our other high school homie chris who was our merch guy for dt for a while" - gary v.


50s rocknroll, 60s Soul, 77 punk, 80s hardcore/hiphop, and trojan reggae.

Formed in the summer of 2010, Mainland consists of songwriters Jordan Topf (Vocals, Guitar, Piano), Corey Mullee (Guitar, Vocals, Pianos), Dylan Longstreet (Drums), and Zach Walter (Bass). Hailing from California, New Mexico, and Upstate New York, the group now resides in
Brooklyn. In the spring of 2011, the band hibernated into their studio aptly-titled "The Bunker" to carve out their melancholic and textured rock sound. Producer wizard and musician Nick Stumpf mixed the band's first EP, Summer Sick, which is now available for sale on Itunes.



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