MANG - A Tribute to WEEN

MANG - A Tribute to WEEN

Hailing from the heart & soul of the New Jersey Shore Music scene, MANG is absolutely the BROWNEST tribute to WEEN you will ever find anytime, anywhere…

It's member's, "Black Jack" & "Captain Fantasy" are two well seasoned artists, with decades of worldwide live performances between them & resumes that include tenure in two legendary Hardcore & Metal acts, that have always stayed true to their love & passion for boundary pushing, absurdly original music.

Both a Live & Studio project born out of love, the mission of Mang is to focus mainly on the BROWNEST & Most Obscure music ever created & recorded by Dean & Gene Ween,while injecting their own unique personalities & keeping the spirit of The Boognish alive & thriving for years to come…

From the Earliest Demos & unreleased outtakes, right on through to the Gnarliest & Trippiest freakouts spanning their entire recorded career and re-creating songs that even WEEN never performed live on stage anywhere, a Mang performance it sure to please even the most diehard disciples of Boognish.


In the beginning, the siren-like call of granddad's little ditty was too much to resist. They would wake up in the morning feeling the pang, Hungry for some apple pie. They'd drive a Datsun, an automatic, they hang out at jack in the box but eat at taco bell. These guys were pretty bizzare, Gus.

So in the end, Jonder (bass & vocals) & Timmeh (guitar) finally sucumbed to the ways of Harold.......and in doing so they realized that they must pay tribute to one of the finest, upstanding bands of our time.

There was no question that Randickle (drums) would want to tackle the task of somehow paraphrasing the beats of the magnificent Herb, the ginsing drummer, so it began...
Sublimus would, until the end of their days, treat the good people they meet with the music of Primus!

$7.00 - $10.00


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