Madi Diaz, Carousel

Madi Diaz’s captivating, high-energy songs manage to conjure all the apprehensions of youth and heartbreak into a guileless, giddy sort of strength. She's finishing songs for her upcoming EP, which will be out late this summer.

The members of Carousel began writing and producing music together in late 2011. Since finishing Berklee College of Music in the Spring of 2012, the group has moved from Boston to Los Angeles, where they continue to write, produce, and perform their music.

PHOX is from Baraboo, WI which is a place where kids often drink poisoned groundwater and become endowed mutants.The seven best friends who make up the ensemble happen to be blessed with madness, illusions of grandeur, and the inability to do the same thing twice. They also play music.

Rozzi Crane

On her debut EP for Adam Levine's 222 Records, Crane artfully skips between pop, R&B, alternative, and hip-hop, crafting a sassy, sexy, and soulful sound of her own. There's nobody quite like her…
The San Francisco-born, Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter immersed herself in music growing up, obsessing over influences as wide-ranging as Lauryn Hill and Outkast and Destiny’s Child and Amy Winehouse. Things got very serious when she entered the University of Southern California's Popular Music School though.
Barely finished with her first year, she landed gigs as a background vocalist for The Eagles' Don Henley and Brazilian legend Sergio Mendes, touring the United States, Europe, and Japan. At the same time, she performed constantly on her own, opening for the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire, Kreayshawn, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, Anthony Hamilton, Theophilus London, and more.
"I'd play anywhere they'd let me," laughs the 21-year-old Crane. "Whether it was a dorm Christmas party or a formal USC event, I'd do it because I love performing. In between all of that, I even did a couple of makeshift tours. We got in my car and drove around the country playing shitty shows in tiny venues. It was awesome though. When I'm on stage, I can be myself. I'm in the moment, and it's honest. My mind shuts off, and it's just me."
In between a tireless touring and class schedule, Crane attracted the attention of Los Angeles songwriters Jacques Brautbar and Sam Farrar, formerly of Phantom Planet. Soon after, she began co-writing with them, as well as penning her own material. One of her original songs even figured prominently in Lifetime Television's second most-watched film ever, Sins of a Mother, receiving praise from the New York Post and other tastemakers. Around the same time, consistently impressed by Crane, Farrar forwarded a YouTube video of her to Levine. His reaction wasn't simply positive. He decided to launch 222 Records with her as the first signing.
"I got an email from him that I still can't believe," Crane recalls. "I'd spent so much time living and breathing music since I could talk, and this happened and blew my mind. That was where everything went to the next level."
Her EP is the first milestone on that "next level." The first single "Crazy Ass Bitch," featuring Kendrick Lamar, rolls from a sun-soaked acoustic guitar into a clever and


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