The Quelle Source (Record Release / Farewell Show)

The Quelle Source

Try pinning down Philadelphia’s The Quelle Source — it’s not easy.

The band clearly operates with an indie rock aesthetic – they won “Best Indie Rock Act in Philadelphia” at Origivation Magazine’s 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards. But with press comparisons ranging from Deerhoof to The Decemberists to The Mountain Goats, it’s evident the group takes what it needs from their influences – nasally vocals, tense lyrical content, and tight, dynamic arrangements – and smashes them together to see what happens. That’s made easier thanks to two lead singers and songwriters bringing different ideas to the table.

With songs that marry the joyful sounds of being young with lyrical content that tackles all the parts that suck about it, The Quelle Source will “put indie rock smiles on your faces” (Philadelphia City Paper), even if it is in a sinister, backward way.

Also of note – “Quelle” is German for “source.”

In September 2011 the group released The French Rapture EP and in October 2012 they contributed a new song, “Set Sail”, to the soundtrack for the short film Jacob’s Ladder. The band is currently recording its sophomore LP, to be released in early 2013.

Goodnight Lights

Formed in the summer of 2007, Goodnight Lights is a Philadelphia-based quintet including: Michael Schraeger (guitar and vocals), Faith Charlton (keyboard and vocals), Ian Charlton (guitar and vocals), Jonah Delso (bass and vocals), and Michael Ziegler (drums). The band’s diverse, yet cohesive sound draws wide comparisons to many of the band's influences, old and new alike.

Goodnight Lights recently released their third full-length entitled As Far As The Moon. All of their releases can be found at

"Goodnight Lights continue to sharpen its musical voice with well crafted songwriting, sparkling harmonies, smart melodies and excellent guitar playing..." –Bruce Warren, WXPN & The Key Music Blog

"Remind me a bit of The Arcade Fire... with the backup/gang choruses/shouts... I have a difficult time pinning down the sound (that’s a good thing)." –Matthew Berlyant, NYC rock magazine, "The Big Takeover"

"Some of my favorite bands were finally smashed together in one. Perhaps the feeling of anticipation was loaded in a familiar sound with a twist... I couldn't put my finger directly on it, but I knew I liked it. The influences of this band are inadvertently represented in the tracks on the album. Some of those influences include The Velvet Underground, The Pixies, The Stooges, Radiohead and The Arcade Fire. Goodnight Lights concocts a sound that channels these influences in a versatile yet original way. Innovative." –Jennifer Koch, Origivation Magazine

The Chairman Dances

The Chairman Dances are an art-rock band hailing from Philadelphia. Since 2011, they have released two records: the fifteen-track double album, Long Lost / A History Of Iniquity; and, A Promise, a concept album that traces the lives of two fictional married couples. The release of the latter in May 2012 caught the attention of WXPN’s John Vettese, who writes, “Ambitious rock band The Chairman Dances have graduated from indie songwriters to dramatic storytellers…” Lindsey Colferai, music maven and creator of the blog What’s Protocol?, writes: “For fans of Death Cab for Cutie, the Weakerthans, and even the Decemberists, I’d say you’ve got quite a match for your taste in music.”

In July 2012, the group was commissioned by J. Randolph Brown (Steady State Productions) to write and record a song for his latest short film, Jacob’s Ladder. The movie had its premier at the New York Film Academy in August, making its Philadelphia debut a month later at South Philly’s Filmtech.

Currently, The Chairman Dances are preparing material for their third full-length, to be recorded this winter by Headroom Studios’ Kyle Pulley (Grandchildren, Dangerous Ponies) and Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Algernon Cadwallader).



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