1-800-BAND means toll free rock!

1-800-BAND formed in the spring in anticipation of that season's warm beer days bringing back those cold pinot grigio nights. Looking to artists like the Cars, Dwight Twilley, Russ Ballard, Artful Dodger, and Tom Petty, 1-800-BAND seek to evoke the metallic slam of the Charger car door, the cry of the night hawk in a parking lot you're making out in late at night, the loose change jingling in your pocket, the tissue-thin silk of the shirt of a woman in cork heels.

Al Huckabee (vocals, guitar), Robbie Kongress (bass), Polly Watson (keyboards), and Aaron Carroll (drums) make up the Brooklyn-based band. The band has one single, "Tropical Meds," a split with noisemongers Snakes. Spring 2012 sees the release of 1-800-BAND's eponymous full-length debut, on Slow Gold Zebra Records. 1-800-BAND was recorded at Oakland, California's Creamery Studios by Greg Ashley (the
Dutchess and the Duke, TV Ghost, the Gris Gris). The album will be available as a limited pressing of 200 LPs.




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