Fister, The Lion's Daughter, Unruhe, Skelptarsis

If It's Too Slow, You're Too Young

The Lion's Daughter

RFT Winner 2011 Best Metal/Thrash Band

Lion's Daughter is the sort of band parents fear. There are certainly more abrasive and profane groups out there, but this trio's strain of Sabbath-worshiping metal comes off like the sonic embodiment of fire and brimstone. Lion's Daughter makes most doom-metal groups sound as heavy as the band from the Free Credit Report commercials. Distortion drenches the band's riffs like pig's blood on a prom queen, and Rick Giordano's growl is nothing shy of demonic. With a new split twelve-inch with Fister, Lion's Daughter commits its evil ways to wax — and allows your folks to play the record backward to discover the hidden messages. (The Riverfront Times)


NYC Old heads playing punk/metal. Formerly known as Death Mold. (mems of the Dregs, Phobia.......)


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