Citizens Arrest, Enabler, Miscegenator, Dead Serious

Citizens Arrest

Citizens Arrest were a New York-based band that existed from 1989 to 1991. The group often blended hardcore punk, grindcore and powerviolence styles. Seems that most folks are familiar with them these days as Ted Leo was at one point the singer and then guitarist before joining Animal Crackers and then Chisel. Their main inspiration in the early days of the band were from Boston area hardcore from the 1980s like DYS and SSD as well as early powerviolence pioneers, Infest. In 2011, CXA reunited (with ALL original members) and resumed playing live shows and released a brand new 4-song 7" EP.

Milwaukee hardcore/metal/punk crossover. The world is fucked and this is the soundtrack to it's demise.

"Shift of Redemption" 7" (Due out April 9 on Think Fast! Records)
"All Hail the Void" CD/LP (Southern Lord / Halo of Flies / Creator-Destructor / Phobiact)
Tour 2012 2x7" (Southern Lord)
Enabler / Yautja split 7" (Burnt Bridges)
Drainland / Enabler split 7" (Halo of Flies / Granrepubliek)
Enabler / Ambassador Gun split Tape (Sacred Plague)
"Year One" CD (Creator-Destructor)
"War Begins With You" 7"/Tape (Volatile / Sacred Plague)
"Eden Sank to Grief" LP/Tape (FC / Halo of Flies)


3 parts Asstroland, 1 Part Deathmöld.



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