smooth noise

though i'm
foggy with forget,
a painted glass

Ben Seretan

"Ben Seretan - from Brooklyn - plays the electric guitar, sings, and makes "long music." If heaven exists, Ben is going to find it with delay pedals and join the chorus of angels. Guitars cascading like waterfalls, joyful and lulling repetition, droning waves of guitar filling the room and lapping at your ankles. Ecstatic Electric American Primitive. Influences: John Fahey, Earth, Alice Coltrane, the Minutemen. His latest recording, New Song, was released in November of 2012."


like joni mitchell on crack

band photos by sonya gropman

the Early

The Early are a multivalent instrumental free-rock and post-jazz collective of musicians spread between New York, Portland, and Philadelphia. Lately, the collective has been boiled down to two - mighty percussionist Jake Nussbaum and unceasingly tender guitarist Ken Edelson. Their largely improvised sets sound like gingerly approaching rare megafauna in the American Woods, or a melting boombox struggling to play Mahalia Jackson tapes. Most recently, the group released the live score for a film by visual artist Zack Davis - it's called "Universal Leader."


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