The Ocean Floor, The Cabin Project, The Sarcastic Dharma Society

The Ocean Floor

"...sounds eerily like the jazz soundtracks to "The Muppet Show" pouring into a pop that's density rivals Henry Cow... The Ocean Floor are writing symphonies by quotation... They're not simply rehashing psych-rock or folk; they have created a pop that's contemporary from history's plateaus." - Andrew Jones, Skyscraper Magazine

"This Portland band left me slack-jawed with surprise and delight. It's the perfect record for tramping around in your favorite old-growth forest, watching the ferns grow. Lane Barrington's springy good humor and light-as-a-twinkie vocals make me smile every time I hear them. The acoustic jazz sound takes some very unusual turns--some tracks are perhaps less than accessible. But on songs like "A Simple Adventure", he's really on to something." - April Baer, OPB Morning Edition

The Cabin Project

After years on the road, playing every kind of venue you can imagine, cabin project lead- katie sawicki settled into her Portland, OR home for a year to garden, knit, write, drink whiskey with friends and make a record in her upstairs studio of doug fir and red walls. – The result was the Cabin Project, released this past December to packed room full of warmth at Portland's Mississippi Studios. In the process of making the record, these new sounds turned into the band- the Cabin Project.

Layered vocals, long cello lines, electronic melodies and strong drums define this set of five. Hailed as a "Singstress, Songwriter, Lyrical Genius" (Encore Magazine), cabin project lead Sawicki brings the group together over wine and melodies- anthemic, intricate and wide open for collaboration. The group is quickly making a name for itself in Portland, OR, bringing emotion and heart back to the music industry.



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