Woodrow Hart & The Haymaker

Woodrow Hart & The Haymaker

Woodrow Hart & the Haymaker like to kick around all the strange little corners of American music that have crept up throughout the last century. They like to soak up old rusty sounds & wring them out in new places. They play country songs & city songs; banjo stomps & accordion shakes; love croons & murder ballads – It usually depends on the weather.

Gar Clemens

Garret’s songs sneak up on you. Have you ever read a news story about some poor guy walking along a set of railroad tracks; using those tracks to map where he is, where he’s going, where he’s been? Then the next thing anyone knows, he’s been run down and he’s gone; lost up in the guts of the gears and the valves. And you think to yourself, how did he not hear it coming? How did such a mighty & powerful presence manage to get the best of him? Well, That's how it happens. Mr. Clemens' songs will sneak up on you in just such a way. You will end up in the underbelly of the engine before you even hear the whistle.


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