Intuit, based in Boulder Colorado, is a funk and reggae party in your ear drum. Led by vocalist Chloe Watkins, the group encompasses what it really means to get into it. Words alone can not describe the sound - you have to experience it firsthand.

The five piece band of mostly Naropa University music students has its roots in funk and reggae; but there is no doubt that they draw heavily from soul and rock influences. Maybe the best way to characterize Intuit’s sound is with Chloe’s soulful and passionate voice. Just a few notes and you’ll be hooked on the beautiful tones she creates. Listen a bit longer and you will quickly feel not only the emotion from her voice but also the deep and powerful meaning in her words. Soon you will be Intuit.

Summa, by definition, is the cohesion of distinct bases of knowledge into a comprehensive whole. When Jake O'Neal and Max Grossman formed their fresh duo, the moniker perfectly embodied their fusion of style and talent. Based out of Boulder, Jake recently graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in electrical engineering. But when he beat out 87 other vocalists to place 2nd in "CU Idol," he decided to turn his love of music into his full-time focus. Looking to diversify his solo act, Jake joined up with guitarist, bassist, drummer, and producer Max Grossman to create Summa. Described as "Jeff Buckley meets Coldplay," Summa will wield the summary of their respective parts to produce dynamic things in 2013.

Bad Maps

Matt Brozowski (Drums) and Luke Randazzo (Guitars, Vocals) started writing the original framework for Bad Maps' early material in the first quarter of 2011. Bassist Rob Ranney and pianist Billy Overton joined the line-up in late summer of that year. During the recording process of their debut EP (Better Weather), Dennan Welch (Guitars, Vocals) became a member of the band.

The band released their EP on the twentieth of May, 2012, and have since been playing around Colorado, building a fan-base and tightening their unique style. Looking to the future, the band is continuing to write even more ground-breaking material and planning to tour and record in the calendar year of 2013. In the meantime, "Better Weather" can be found on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more!
Melodic guitar and piano work, groovy bass lines, aggressive drumming, and passion-filled vocals and lyrics combine in Bad Maps' music to create a varied, Alternative / Indie Rock sound.


Indie-rock from Boulder.

David DeVine- Drums
Eric Michelson- Bass
Shevek Majors-Peer- Guitar
Stanley Beck- Vox/Guitar


Leghounds are a soul/funk/pop group based out of Northern Colorado. Combining a tight pocket of funky groove with gospel harmony and soaring catchy melodies, this group is sure to keep you on your feet. With an emphasis on professionalism and live performance, Leghounds deliver a euphorically entertaining experience.

$4.00 - $8.00


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