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Defiance Ohio

Starting as a three-piece band in Columbus, Ohio; Defiance, Ohio has evolved into a family of musicians spread across three cities that has shared nearly a decade of performing and recording together.

Drawing on the diverse and changing musical interests and practices of its members, the band is unique in the way songwriting has been shared between almost all of the members. While the members strive to incorporate musical influences with a fluidity that contradicts the rigidity of genre, the band's practice remains grounded in the culture of do-it-yourself punk and other vibrant, participatory communities. Lyrically, Defiance, Ohio's songs often reflect the personal resonance of navigating larger social dynamics like geography, race, violence, sexual orientation and mental health.

To date, Defiance, Ohio has released four full-length recordings as well as split-EPs and compilation tracks through self-release and a number of independent labels. During the summer of 2011, Defiance, Ohio is Elizabeth Gibbs, Geoff Hing, Theo Hilton, Will Staler and Ryan Woods.



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