Dressed in all black, Vader rarely approaches the turntables with compassion; when Vader take the stage he's looking to annihilate the crowds. A dark and powerful force has consumed this Dj and his sets and has force him to becoming on of the baddest men in the entire galaxy.

Vital Remains


SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER is an Extreme Death Thrash band that was formed in 2001 by vocalist Steve Worley. SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER has spent years of hard work building itself into a powerful outfit in the underground metal community across the world. With multiple European and North American tours under their belts, with bands like MASTER, PESTILENCE & VITAL REMAINS, SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER is making their mark on underground metal and showing no signs of ever slowing down. SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER now consists of - Aaron T. Whitesides - Guitar, James Pavey - Guitar, Bryan Roth - Drums, Steven Calton - Bass and Steve Worley - Vocals. Check out the intense live show of this unstoppable metal act coming to a town near you. Support the underground, this is SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER.


Execration is endorsed by Jackson Guitars, Vader Cabs, AHK Guitars, and Krank Amps. We are releasing our third album "Acceptance Of Zero Existence" through Unique Leader Records sometime by the end of October.

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