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“Being disabled never stopped me from doing anything… I may not be too proud of my disability but i take pride in what makes me an individual” says Michael Oretade; stage name Azstro Boii of Hartford, Connecticut. At birth, the doctor pulled him out by his head resulting in nerve damage almost killing him and his mother; he was diagnosed with a bronchial plexus injury, and this left him partially physically disabled for the rest of his life. “This can’t be all to my life... Working third shift, making little over minimum wage, being bossed around... I can't do it” he continues, Michael tries not to let the difference put him down. He discovered that he didn’t need to excel physically in order to lead a good life. Michael learned that he could use his mind, and not in the educational form, but creatively in music. He's always dabbled in creative writing but he began writing songs and reciting them to his friends and is now working hard to make a name for himself with music.


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