Morgan Greer's Drunken Prayer

Morgan Christopher Geer, who performs solo and with band as Drunken Prayer, splits residence between Asheville, NC and Portland, OR. KCRW, LA calls Drunken Prayer, "a quintessential slice of backwoods poetry". The Portland Mercury describes Geer as "the bastard child of Tom Waits and Merle Haggard".
He is the son of a New Orleans folk singer and a California mushroom farmer. His wit comes easy, in whispers, shouts and sneers. He's a showman–"a barking ringleader with chops between Tom Waits and the Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes" (Willamette Week, Portland, OR).
Geer, who grew up in Black Mountain, NC, wrote many of Drunken Prayer's first compositions while wood-shedding on a farm in Sonoma County, California. His records are a dark mix of blues, country, traditionals and reluctant pop music; dynamic, with "an almost inculpable sincerity" (Mountain Xpress, Asheville, NC). His swampy crooning vocals and angular, percussive guitar style create a nicely creepy backdrop for rakish, playful stories of unironic and eternal themes.
In February, 2012 Drunken Prayer became Portland based Fluff and Gravy Records' inaugural artist with the release of Into the Missionfield. Since then Geer's records have been an ambitious and critical success; the Portland Mercury going so far as to declare Geer "Warren Zevon's medium, showing him the world from the great beyond." On Drunken Prayer's latest effort, The Devil & The Blues (August, 2015), Geer crafts another journey through America's weird musical heritage. With help from members of The Sadies, Reigning Sound, and Freakwater, the sounds on this record are bluesy and psychedelic; the arrangements as loose and buoyant as a New Orleans Jazz funeral. The lyrics are as sweet as they are damning, offering a window into the mind of Morgan Geer. The view that it affords is at once unsettling and familiar.
Geer's previous band, The Unholy Trio of Asheville, NC, also featured members of The Reigning Sound and Freakwater. On their 5th Year Anniversary compilation Bloodshot Records featured the Trio's devilish version of Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise".

Jason Harrod

ason Harrod draws from the best traditions of American music to create a sound all his own. His songs about lost love, found joys, and spiritual longing have garnered him a loyal following across the country.

Harrod’s latest release, Bright As You, finds him backed by a crack group of musicians featuring Phil Madeira (Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller, Al Green, Mavis Staples). The songs, sung in a rich, brooding tenor and underscored by inventive guitar work, range from the Beatle-esque "Bright As You" to the blues-infused “Night, Fall On Me,” to the dark, ambient lament “Messed Up Everywhere Blues,” which appeared in the film "The Wager," starring Randy Travis.

Sally Timms and Janet Bean

Sally was born in Leeds, England. She grew up in the Yorkshire dales, sang in the church choir and performed in poetry recitals as a child. In 1985 she joined the Mekons as a full-time member and has regretted it ever since. Unfortunately, the only way out of the Mekons is in a box, so she's still there.

Janet Bean has a gift for penning melodic and distinctive music. Born in Florida and coming of age in Kentucky, Ms. Bean was influenced by the regional American music she heard there, as well as the punk music of the time. A multi-instrumentalist, Janet sings as well as she plays the drum kit in Eleventh Dream Day. Over a seventeen-year career path, Dream Day have proven to be an iconic, fiery and substantive rock and roll band. The twin voices of Bean and guitarist Rick Rizzo is as powerful and daunting a combination as the remarkable rhythm section comprised of Bean and bassist Douglas McCombs. She is also known for her songwriting, guitar playing and her vocal duets with Catherine Irwin in Freakwater.

These two seminal artists combine forces tonight.


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