Ending Ali

Ending Ali is a 4-piece pop-punk band located in Tempe Arizona. Ending Ali strives to create music that is both captivating and enjoyable to listen to. The high energy and fast pace progression of their songs make it easy to dance to. This Arizona band strives to be the best band they can be and constantly listens to their fans to help their selves improve. Ending Ali consist of Dominique Cheeks, Bree Cole, Tyler Read, and Jeremiah Smith. Dominique Cheeks is currently studying audio engineering at the Tempe Conservatory. Dominique Cheeks has been playing drums since a child and plays regularly for his local church. Bree Cole plays guitar and does back up vocals for the band Ending Ali. She has been a musician for a long time mastering each style of music. Capable of playing every genre, her voice and style of guitar playing meshes well with the band introducing a unique sound that brands Ending Ali for the band that they are. Tyler Read is a student at Arizona State University who is currently studying Computer Science in the Ira School of Engineering. He has been singing for as long as he can remember and started taking professional voice lessons for more than two years now. Jeremiah Smith is the son of a music director for the Catholic Schools in Arizona. He currently is enrolled in a college-preparatory school and has been mastering bass since he was young. Ending Ali has now performed all over Arizona including venues such as, The Marquee Theatre, The Clubhouse, The Nile Theater, Rocky Point Cantina, The Underground, The Plantation, and many others! Ending Ali is passionate and pursues music for all ages to enjoy.



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