The Rocketboys

The Rocketboys

For The Rocketboys, 2012 was a resilient journey. After nearly calling it quits when half the band parted ways in early 2011, the remaining three members - Brandon Kinder (singer/guitarist), Justin Wiseman (keys) and Josh Campbell (bass) - resuscitated the acclaimed melodic rock band with a lush, cathartic album: "Build Anyway."

Since "Build Anyway," The Rocketboys have not skipped a beat with a year of US touring in 2012, a brand new Total Recall-inspired music video (, a month long tour this July in support of Relient K and The Almost, and a rapidly expanding collection of new material for the band's third LP. With the addition of a new drummer and guitar player (respectively Josh Rodgers and Kyle Samuel) the band once again delivers a powerful, anthemic performance.

Still inspired by the Mother Teresa quote that gave life to the band after nearly calling it quits, "What you spend years building someone could destroy overnight: build anyway," The Rocketboys continue to build.

Highway Headline

Highway Headline is a Mid-Western four-piece who is chasing down the adventure of a lifetime. Mike, Aaron, Scott, and Jonny know that when you fill a room, big or small, with people singing at the top of their lungs, something amazing happens. Everyone comes into the room as total strangers but leaves as friends with a shared experience they'll never forget. Highway Headline is setting out to fulfill the dream of doing just that night after night. In March of 2012 "HH" will release their self-titled EP that is just the first chapter of a book that can only be written with your help! Want to come along for the ride?

From Distant Shores

Band Interests
Jesus, Coffee, People, Koala Bears, The Ocean, Music, Hope, Anything Nautical, Transparency, Genuine Friendships, Spontaneity, Adventure
Artists We Also Like
Art Of Sleeping, Mumford and Sons, Matt Corby, Bon Iver, Sigur Ros, James Vincent McMorrow, Gregory Alan Isokav, Young The Giant, Imagine Dragons, John Mayer, Bluefish, The Beatles, Hannah Montana

Since 1902 is a band from St. Louis. They've been described as irish pirate rockabilly, but still don't know what that means.



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