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The Assassins

80's Punk band from Dallas Texas from 1980-1983
Upon the release of singer Matt Spleen and bass player Rusty Banner from the Bolivar County Woman's Correction Facility, the band got back together to begin rehearsing for a gig at "Grampa Snuffy's Pizza and Fondue Barn" in Nordsberg Alaska. The show was such a success the band decided to continue practicing their acrobatic juggling which fell apart after an unfortunate fall from grace when Guitarist Matt Swaney intentionally showed his weenis to the entire 3rd row of the 80 year old woman's church choir. Leaving in disgrace, the boys decided to get back to doing what they do best, but realizing playing in a Fun Boy 3 cover band was no longer profitable, they settled on just playing their old crappy songs. Which brought them to a reunion show in Dallas in 2009. Resulting in a string of sold out performances in Dallas and Luxembourg.
The band is currently in the studio and plans on releasing a full statement about the shit covered closet thing in the near future.

Hello Lover

Hello Lover is the 5 best friends that anyone could have. Tom Huckaby(Gtr) and Sean Conway(bass) have played and performed with each other for over 10 years. Robert Dunlap(vox) wrote and sang with The Golden Falcons, and received acclaim from critics and peers alike in the Dallas area. The Hardy brothers, Joe(drums) and Johnny(Gtr), performed with Hardis and Solar Sound System among many other projects. In 2009 the crew got together and wrote rock and roll songs with a dancy-punk feel. The style of music became known as Sex Rock in the local bars and music venues.

Over the years, the Sex Rock sound has grown, expanded and incorporated influences from British post punk and shoegaze styles, and also from American, rhythm rooted rock and roll. It seems only natural that the sound has also been infused with some Texas Swing and other local, spicy flavors.

Hello Lover has shared the stage with acts such as Vanilla Ice, Fishbone, Riverboat Gamblers and many more national acts. They have headlined local, Dallas venues such as Trees, Club Dada(850 max cap.), The Curtain Club, and Palladium Ball Room. Hello Lover recently headlined at The Deep Ellum Arts Fest in 2012 and played the main stage at the Wildflower Festival in May 2012.

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