The LowDown Brass Band feat. Ricky B. *45 Release Show!*

The LowDown Brass Band feat. Ricky B. *45 Release Show!*

LowDown Brass Band is at it again. This time, Chicago­-based LDB strikes short and sweet, and with laser focus, on their upcoming 45 LowDown Bounce, featuring New Orleans Bounce legend Ricky B. LowDown has been crafting their unique sound for over 12 years and, with their collaboration with Ricky B and seminal Bounce producer Bigalow, show no signs of stopping anytime soon. This ain’t no rusty trombone folks.

Half straight-­up bounce, half down­tempo head­-bopper, LowDown Bounce was conceived back in 2014 when LowDown was asked to back Ricky B at an in-­store performance at Logan Hardware. By now, they’ve practically moved in together, LDB firmly representing the tradition of brass street bands and Ricky B as a pioneer of New Orleans bounce. Let’s just say that everyone’s invited to THIS party. LowDown Bounce features Bigalow’s remix of “You Know Me” (Loiselle, LowDown Sounds), a classic bounce track in truest sense, and “Ponder This,” co­written by David Levine of LDB and Ricky B. Bottom line, this album kicks.

And while it was once rumored that the legend Ricky B was dead, he has continued to be living proof that BOUNCE is still alive and kicking. Warning: High Energy. Prepare to sweat.

Furious Frank

Furious Frank is a formidable yet friendly group of Chicagoans who are diligently working at the perfection of a unique yet warmly familiar brand of rootsy sonic spillage. Sometimes they are raucous and celebratory, at other times gritty and introspective; they can vamp, chug, clang, wail, groove and pluck (+ strum) string, one moment recklessly rocking the party and then at another expertly bringing down the level of intensity just enough so that two people can, if they so choose, clasp hands and sway. Furious Frank can concoct some wicked gypsy ska on “Another Life”, border on something approximating a low-key collaboration between Tom Waits and Calexico on “Hunkr Down”, and most importantly, bob and weave into a heavy handful of welcome areas that are much less easy to define.

Suffice to say, the band kick up some serious dust that just screams out for a bonfire and a large metal pot full of some sort of simmering sustenance, an epicurean delight that’s destined to be ladled out liberally for the enjoyment of everyone. But the band (at just the right moment) wet down the ground that’s hosting their righteous get-down with the intention that the limbs of those cavorting to their sounds will joyously stomp into the moist soil and allow the thick earthiness to get between their toes and through their pores and into their blood and (finally) into their hearts and consciousness. That, bluntly put, is what Furious Frank is all about. Getting dirty never felt so liberating. Ya’ dig?

-Joseph Neff (The Vinyl District)


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