Mikefest III

Mikefest IV

Mikefest began in 2011 as a tribute to Mike Brady, a local musician and volunteer who passed away far too young. Three years later it's grown into an annual all-day celebration of Madison's thriving rock music scene and a hugely successful fundraiser. Since its inception, Mikefest has raised thousands of dollars for the Dane County Humane Society and Special Olympics Wisconsin, as well as increased awareness of viral myocarditis.

The rock-a-thon starts at 6 pm but the party kicks off at noon with drinks and patio games, so everyone's encouraged to come early, toss bean bags, buy a few raffle tickets (the prizes rule, not kidding) and hang out!

All proceeds to go the Dane County Humane Society and Special Olympics Wisconsin.

4 Aspirin Morning

Born at the bottom of a 40 oz and raised on an 80s and 90s record collection, The 4 Aspirin Morning (4AM) kicks open the cellar door and resurrects the underground punk/ska scene. The 4AM combines hard rock sensibilities with the grittiness of 80s punk and the catchy hooks of early 90s ska. The result: a wave of guitars that collides with a storm of horns to create a fresher, darker, more aggressive sound.

This strange brew fuels a wildly energetic show that will have you grooving to basslines one minute and skankin' in the pit the next, all the while pumping your fist to the chants of every chorus.

The 4AM formed in early 2009, the result of a group of 8 musicians brought together by a classified ad. Their sound was painstakingly refined little by little in a small second story flat above a modest bike shop.

The Moguls as LAGWAGON

We used to be pretty bad, got really drunk, and didn't have fun. People liked us anyways. We got way better, and started playing songs right, and having way more fun. More people started to like us, and even started singing along to songs.

This band exists solely for the purpose of fun - not for you, for us. (And boy, do we know how to have fun.) It's pretty rad that people are into what we do, and we're super thankful for that! We like that all the dudes, and lady-dudes that come hang out at shows to drink, mosh and party with us while singing along! It makes us all sex-nuts inside.

We've put out two EP's and a single this year already, and we'd love for everyone to give us all their money, so we can quit our crappy day-jobs, and be "successful". So kindly give us your money, and Kyle will write a song about how you're awesome. Seriously. (Or at least how you're not a total piece of shit. He's done that already, it's boring.)

The American Dead (tribute to ALKALINE TRIO)

"...pours copious amounts of whiskey through the Americana pop lens" - The Onion


One Last Run

A relative newcomer to the Madison music scene, One Last Run was born out of jams between guitarists Christian Westleigh and Alex Librie, and vocalist Morgan Boland. Influenced on one side by biting alternative rock like Taking Back Sunday and Silverstein, and on the other by heavy metal standards Iron Maiden and Coheed & Cambria, the trio were soon writing songs. When good friend Zach Brommerich joined on bass, the band embarked on a months-long search for a drummer. After some careful consideration, Green Bay native Henry Seroogy was invited into the fold, adding a crucial dimension to the songwriting process.

Help Desk (tribute to BLINK 182)

Help Desk promotes the proliferation of computer problems through expert execution of punk rock. Speedy drums combined with searing guitar riffs and melodic vocals will corrupt your motherboard and melt your video card. Give Help Desk a call so they can troubleshoot you right in the face!

I Am Dragon

Inspired by rock legends such as the MC5, the Sonics and Thin Lizzy, there is no doubt Madison’s I am Dragon came to get you out of your seat and engaged. If hook-laden guitars, ripping keyboard lines, vocal harmonies and an urge to move don’t do it for you their stage presence surely will.

Upon returning to his home town of Madison, Wisconsin after living on the West coast for two years Jon Stover [Echoes of Empire, Grandstand] knew he wanted to start a new rock group. With influences ranging from classic rock and blues to more modern but timeless punk sounds he crafted a small batch of songs and began rehearsing with his reunited friend (and previous Joshua Circle band mate), drummer Andy Christoffersen [I Voted for Kodos] in the fall of 2010.

The two practiced for a few weeks and then decided it was time to begin the hunt for potential band mates. Enter Brian Koderl. Stover and Koderl had known each other in high school but had lived in different cities since then and had previously not played music together. Jon and Andy presented Brian with their selection of songs and Brian was hooked. The three began rehearsing where Andy lived, writing new material and sculpting their sound. It was not long until the trio sought another tone to add to their arsenal.

The three were aware of pianist/vocalist Luke Crary [A Gnarly Swell, Future Robotz]; a performer capable of adding the sounds they were seeking. Jon personally had witnessed his harmonic skill during high school in addition to being room mates at their freshman year of college. Luke was invited to join the sonic exploration and he accepted this invitation with a quick hand and an even quicker ear for melody. It was during this time that the four moved rehearsals over to Rex’s Rock Ranch (an undisclosed East side studio run by the official IaD roadies/engineers/pyro-techs, Ross and Rex).

The group played with two other bassists over the course of a year but eventually came to need a permanent low end-ist to round out their audio onslaught. Jon reached out to the infamous Dusty Lustful [Bears Climb Mountains]; a seasoned musician from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I am Dragon had played shows with his previous project and Dustin soon provided the thumping bass lines necessary to get the people moving.

We make happy music about murder....and sometimes elephants....but mostly murder.

The Frenetic

Alex and Kevin played shitty music in moms basement after Kevin and Drew were done with Shipping Maria practice. About 5 years later (2010) Alex, Kevin, and Drew all lived in Madison and found Christian and Scott in the erotic encounters on Craigslist. Now we make less shitty music, no shoes, just rainboots.

The Wiscoholics

Erik moved to madison and played for a couple bands. He met Ben at a local punk show. Ben liked Erik's tunes. Wiscoholics was born. Line up changes happened for about 7 months, a drummer was all that lacked. Troy, Erik's brother said lets rock, I need a project. Now we are kicking ass and taking names straight from the capitol of Wisconsin. Madison! After rocking for about a year, the band broke up, but Erik kept on. Adding Dr. Badger on drums, who moved all the way from Rhinelander, and Miller Beer on bass, Wiscoholics have made a sound change and have been rocking out since.

$10 Suggested Donation

Tickets Available At The Door

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