American Head Charge

The members of American Head Charge slam home their unique brand of maniacally heavy music with a fury you can't deny. They make music as if their very lives depended on it, which indeed they do. Ask main-men Chad Hanks (guitar) and Martin Cock (vocals) what drives them to make sounds this impossibly raw and intense and the answer is simple: "If we weren't doing this, we'd be dead."

The brazen and relentless all-out emotion of American Head Charge may be extreme, but it comes from a real commitment to a hard-earned, last-ditch choice: Chad and Martin met by chance (or fate, as they both say) at a treatment/rehab center in Minneapolis where they wrote their first song together, a project required of Chad in order to secure his release. While living in Los Angeles (he grew up in Hollywood), Chad had been in various bands, ranging from glam/metal to Ministry/Killing Joke-influenced industrial metal, and had reached the desperate point of selling all of his gear to feed his various vampire-like vices.

Growing up in Washington, DC, and the San Francisco Bay area, Martin had started early down the same hard road, eventually dropping out of high school while living in Baltimore, where an "intervention" saved his life. That act (performed apparently by the same once-famous rock musician who had also, completely by coincidence, intervened on Chad's behalf) led Martin to that rehab in Minneapolis where he met his future bandmate. Martin had been playing guitar and singing since an early age but never had the confidence to use his talent until he met Chad (whom he thanks in the album's credits for showing him his self-potential). Following their release, bonded and determined, the pair threw their entire lives' energies into working on American Head Charge. Seizing the moment, they raised themselves out of their own personal hells and devoted themselves to creating a band with born of the raging instinct to survive--all the ingredients of a real American success story.

"Most singers are pretty much leashed to one way of doing things," says Martin. "They stay in the same tonality. I want to always expand, always push myself into someplace new." This statement applies not only to the amazing vocabulary of his voice, but equally to American Head Charge's sound as a whole. "Each of us is very much his own person, but we're really like a disciplined military unit when we play. Total catharsis." says Chad.

They attack their music "leveling everything in sight," as Chad says--with the power of someone fighting for his life or sanity. American Head Charge is in it for the long run, and, judging by the fanatical, near-religious fury with which they throw themselves into their sound, there's absolutely no stopping them.

American Head Charge has toured the globe with the likes of, System of a Down, Slipknot, Rammstein, Mudvayne, Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Ozzfest, Pledge of Allegiance Tour, and many others.

Blue Felix

Did they come from another planet? Who knows. One look, one listen and it's clear that anything's possible at this point. Allegedly formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2004, the band BLUE FELIX are set to thrill in 2011 with a top secret tour in the works, an album out co-produced by the legendary Sid Wilson a.k.a #0/ DJ Starscream of the one and only Slipknot, a live show that has drawn comparison to everyone from Rob Zombie to (Hed)PE to Marilyn Manson to Gwar - bringing energy and theatrics the likes of which you've never seen before.

Their newest video, the first single off the album 'Sample of a Solution' received over 50,000 views on Youtube alone barely within its first few months, in part due to the band's lively antics, crazy stage get-up and super catchy 'Middle Finger Up' lyrics. Oh and did we mention that Mr Wilson himself makes a cameo, albeit it perhaps unwittingly, as he is captured by the band, dragged to the stage and forced to DJ for the frenzied crowd.

The six piece, named after 'a certain dose of LSD that was particularly favoured by members of our group in the early days' deliver a musical and visual experience something very eerily close to taking an acid dose earning them a cult following in the Midwest of loyal D.o.D's – the Dogs of Doom – where psychedelic rock meets metal, warpaint, frenzied energy and a couple hits of its namesake – this is where you'll find BLUE FELIX. An experience like no other. Check them out now.


September is an industrial metal presence based out of Iowa Falls, Iowa that is comprised of five individuals with one single purpose: to use their passion for music to create something new and different and share it with anyone within earshot. The result is something technically proficient, yet directly to the point. Many of their songs consistently scream out a message not of despair, but of standing up for yourself and refusing to simply allow yourself to be victimized.

These five musicians (Lucas Brighton, Thomas J Brighton, Kyle Christensen, Rick Roll, and Ashley Schonberg) are constantly challenging each other, and themselves, in effort to improve their craft. With their incredible performance energy and their undeniable presence, it truly is simply a matter of time before more and more people realize that September has arrived.

September has shared the stage with such national acts as Cold, Mushroomhead, Ventana, (HED) PE, Nonpoint, American Head Charge, Spineshank, Hanzel und Gretyl, Surrender the Fall, Motograter, Seven Day Sonnet, and Primer 55, and that resume is sure to grow in the coming months ahead.

The Boomstick Revival

This Sudden Darkness

Dead Horse Trauma

Destroying silence. Dark. Heavy. Melodic. Chaotic. Dead Horse Trauma touches the willing and unwilling by painting a pretty picture of the perversity of everyday life in a manner soothing to the serial killer in all of us. The new alternative to duct tape and razor wire.

"The Unmerciful Infliction of The Sorrow You Deserve"
Dead Horse Trauma brings a vengeance that shows vividly thru their explosive live performance.

$16.00 - $20.00


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