Brendan James

Brendan James

Brendan James' latest EP, 'The Howl,' finds the singer-songwriter steering into new territory, discovering courage to release a brave new sound, while staying respectful to his meaningful history of lyric and message.

From the opening declaration of "Bring My Love Home" to its conclusion, it is clear James has out done even his own expectations.

For those who have followed Brendan James from his 2008 major label debut, to his current ranking among today's top troubadours; the journey has been a pretty remarkable one.

Born in New Hampshire, schooled in Chapel Hill, signed by Capitol Records by the age of 25, and road tested with 1,000 shows to date, James' has certainly lived the troubadour life. His songs have landed spots on over 15 major television shows and feature films, as well as achieving the #1 Singer Songwriter spot on iTunes, multiple times. He has formed relationships with music legends Carly Simon and Cat Stevens, enjoyed on stage experiences with the likes of John Legend, John Mayer, and Paula Cole, and recently been asked to give a TED Talk on gun violence, love songs, and simpler societies.

Now, after 2 years of touring in support of his 2012 release, 'Simplify,' James embarks on a new sound all together. His new EP, 'The Howl,' set for release in the summer of 2015, is bigger, badder and dancier than anything he's attempted to date. In his words, 'The Howl' is ."..a reflection of my years on the road, my dreams broken and reformed, and my growing addiction to the upbeat and the feel good."

He chose the name after reading a review of his last album, in which he was described as an artist holding back a howl.

So howl he will do. Bigger songs, bigger shows, and bigger goals.

'The Howl' is the bold next step in the evolution of an artist.

The musical journey of Brendan James continues...

Jenn Grinels

In October 2007, singer and songwriter Jenn Grinels of Cupertino, California, gave up her apartment, setting out her first tour armed with nothing but her guitar, a beautiful voice and a passion for music. Over four years later, the self-described "soulful, bluesy, jazzy, folk rock, singer/songwriter," has released two full-length albums, toured the country extensively, and won numerous awards for her amazing set of pipes. Despite not having a permanent address for almost five years, Grinels never slowed down, and continued winning fans during her one-of-a-kind performances, sharing the stage with artists like Christopher Cross, JD Souther, Cracker and Rebecca Loebe. Named "2012 Vocalist of the Year" by APCA for the third straight year, and "2012 Performer of the Year" by Campus Activities Magazine, Grinels is notorious for her impressive songwriting ability, incredible stage performance and unmistakable vocal abilities.

From the beginning, Grinels has wowed critics, who praise her voice as "truly phenomenal" (S.D.CityBeat) and "jazzy in its pacing, soulful in its delivery, and heartfelt in its sensuous tone"(Full Value Reviews). Grinels's first full-length album Little Words displays her masterful vocal abilities with a spread of folk-meets-rock/pop songs. Grinels was awarded "Song of the Year" (West Coast Songwriters) for "Can't Stay Here," while music from Little Words was featured on MTV's hit show, Grinels sophomore album, brokenHEARTbreaker spotlights her raw vocal talent, layered with songs that range from upbeat and fun, featuring playful instrumentation, to intimate and haunting tracks, laced with moving harmonies and lyrics. Tracks like "Don't' Want To Be Happy," and "Expectations" showcase upbeat tempos mixed with Grinels's signature wordsmith abilities, while tracks like "Love Again" and "Always" expose a deeper, more intricate message and sound. Indie Reviewer Magazine says, "You'll travel back in time when you listen to the third track, "Don't Wanna Be Happy." It sounds like it could be released in an era decades before Jenn's time. The woodwind arrangement and use of horns makes this a refreshing change of scenery from most of today's popular music." Grinels will be touring nationally in conjunction with her radio campaign for brokenHEARTbreaker throughout 2012, along with her band.

Having settled in New York City in early 2012, Grinels does not spend much time at her new address. Still on the road, she continues touring the country, writing songs and perfecting her craft. Everywhere she goes there seems to be an ever-growing audience embracing her musical abilities. says, "Her voice is just absurd. Two artists kept coming to mind – Martin Sexton and Fiona Apple. Sexton because of her vocal focus & control; Fiona Apple because of her tell-off confessional and conversational lyrics, her penchant for complex rhyme schemes, and her powerful, listen-up-buster delivery."

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