Billy Cox presents The Band of Gypsys Experience

Billy Cox presents The Band of Gypsys Experience

Billy Cox, legendary bassist for The Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Band of Gypsys presents THE BAND OF GYPSYS EXPERIENCE featuring Dani Robinson and Bryon Bordeux as they play the music of Jimi Hendrix with the classic blues from Muddy Waters, Albert King and more.
Billy Cox was born October 18, 1941, in Wheeling, West Virginia. When he was a child, Billy’s parents encouraged him to play music, and his early interests included piano and saxophone. His family lived near the Capitol Music Hall, and Billy would listened to the shows there through an open side door.
His family moved to Pittsburgh where, in his senior year of high school, he was taken with the sound of the electric bass. After graduating, Billy joined the Army and was stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. One evening in 1961, he heard Private James Hendrix playing at the base’s service club. The two quickly forged a strong musical bond and after he and Hendrix were discharged, they moved to Nashville and formed the King Kasuals. Cox, who was struggling to make ends meet, declined offers to join Hendrix on the road where he first backed Little Richard and, later, The Isley Brothers before going to England where the Jimi Hendrix Experience was formed.
After Chas Chandler, who had been bassist for The Animals discovered Jimi in New York, Jimi reached out to Billy, asking him to go to Europe with him. Billy, however, declined Jimi’s offer because, as he put it, “I only had two strings on my bass and not enough money for a bus ticket.” Hendrix told him he would come back and get him when he made it and did, in fact, ultimately stay true to his word. When bassist Noel Redding left The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Hendrix brought Billy to Woodstock, NY where they rehearsed with drummer Mitch Mitchell and played the iconic 1969 Woodstock festival. Soon after, Hendrix, Billy and drummer Buddy Miles became The Band of Gypsys. After The Band of Gypsys, drummer Mitch Mitchell reunited Hendrix to rekindle The Jimi Hendrix Experience – this time with Billy Cox on bass.
After Hendrix passed away, Billy moved back to Nashville where he was hired as a member of The Charlie Daniels Band. More recently, Cox appeared with Buddy Miles on The Band of Gypsys Return in 2006 and, today, continues to work with Experience Hendrix, the company run by the Hendrix family. Billy has long been the centerpiece of the annual Experience Hendrix tour that feature top flight contemporary musicians performing Jimi Hendrix’s music across the continent. In 2011, Cox released a CD titled Old School Blue Blues. Billy was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in 2009 and into the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame in 2011.

Jacopo De Nicola

Jacopo De Nicola is a native from Italy where he studied bass in his teenage years; his solo career got started when he arrived in San Francisco in 2006. He used this opportunity to engage in the local scene which was something he had never seen before. This gave him the opportunity to meet some incredibly talented musicians, perform live at different venues and it eventually helped De Nicola define the sound of his music. He plays the guitar, bass and of course the Kazoo. He is currently the fearless leader of Philadelphia based Italian Gypsy Rock trio The Late Saints.



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