Formed in 2004: Colorado Thrash Metal


Growing up in the San Francisco area suburbs as young metal heads can make it quite likely to take influence from the pioneers of metal that spanned the area in the 1980's. So it's no surprise that Hatchet describes their sound as "Pure, Uncompromising, Bay Area Thrash Metal".

Since hitting the Bay Area Metal scene in early 2007, Hatchet quickly made a name for itself. They worked hard to gig as often as they could and also not compete with, but group together bands of the like to help strengthen the scene. Focusing on playing with other young starting thrash bands in their area, the fan base grew. Eventually they reached out to the neighboring Los Angeles thrash scene which was also flourishing and invited various bands up to the bay area to diversify their shows, and spread overall thrash metal awareness.

After self-releasing two demos, the band's debut album, "Awaiting Evil", was released in mid-2008 via Metal Blade Records. The album was well-received by thrash enthusiasts around the globe and proved a great beginning for Hatchet. Since the release of the debut, the band has completed 3 full DIY U.S. tours that have helped put them on the map for up and coming thrash metal bands. Unfortunately in this time, the band also saw its share of lineup changes, which stalled overall progress of the group. Throughout the changes, founding member Julz Ramos always had the passion to keep the band going, even moving to take on vocal duties. Now in 2012, the band has never been stronger with its most dedicated, mature, and musically inclined members since its birth.

Their sophomore effort, "Dawn of the End", released on their new label, The End Records, showcases a much more aggressive and professionally oriented band. The group has stated its hunger to hit the road and prove that thrash metal is still a force to be reckoned with.

A Thousand Shall Fall

Brutal, uncompromising, relentless and with a sound unlike any other, A Thousand Shall Fall came tearing out of Santa Cruz in 2011. Formed as an answer to all cliché “genre bands’, the quintet combines elements of death and technical metal with the nihilism of black metal. Use of unexpected breakdowns and complex rhythms give ATSF their unique flavor and sound. Their live performance has been adequately described as, “A theater of chaos”. Standing stalwart and determined, A Thousand Shall Fall will release their third recording in January, 2017. It is the third installment in a thematic storyline of destruction, desolation, and regrowth.


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