Kansas Bible Company

The Kansas Bible Company came into being during the dog days of summer 2008 at Goshen College in Goshen, In. A band of boys congregated in the garage of Vita House, "life house", and began playing rock and roll music. Through encounters with aliens, Bible thumpers, holy rollers, cigarette machines, Teenage Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the KBC, as they have come to be known, have stretched the boundaries of space and time.

Through the first two years of being, the Kansas Bible Company played a variety of shows in the Elkhart County area in northern Indiana - from house shows to high school dances to benefits, community events and whatever came their way. They were finding their sound, their style. The band was made up of only seven members at that time.

Over the past year the band has added four new members and has seen incredible growth in musical ability. Their sound and performance has matured. In the fall of 2010, the boys decided to pursue music seriously. They have been playing shows regularly throughout Indiana and southern Michigan, and moved to Nashville in the late summer of 2011. Since then they have really been cookin'.

Moving to Nashville has been an incredible, almost unthinkable step for the Company. How do eleven people move to a new city, some even dropping out of college, to pursue rock and roll music? How does one build such a planet? It takes trust, faith, confidence, and a lot of good old fashioned common sense. They found a huge house that could fit them all, a bedroom each, four full baths, large common rooms, and practice space big enough to accommodate eleven young gentlemen. All at a rock bottom price. There was one catch- the house was shambles. Many of the previous tenants had been squatters and/or former hard drug users. The first month they had work on their hands. Cleaning, painting, fixing, and thank the lord, music, became their full time jobs. They turned the decrepit house into a home. It is now even complete with a musical venue and bar - the Red Rum Saloon. Christened "Hotel Chicamauga" after the street they live on in east Nashville, their house is a beacon for music lovers everywhere. With such an accomplished challenge under the Company's belt, they are closer than ever. The music is literally pouring out of their souls. They are working their way into the music scene in Nashville and playing venues throughout the midwest and the south.

Many things set this band apart from other groups. They are a large group with a full horn section, a rarity in such a young, independent, rock and roll band. The Kansas Bible Company is first and foremost a group of close friends that live and work communally together. They are more than just a group of musicians. They do everything together - eat, sleep, work, workout, shop, camp, talk, philosophize, etc. And playing music is at the center of it all. The community they share comes through in their music, it goes hand in hand. An audience member can see the connection they share on stage. Their chemistry is electric. Often times they will refer to each other as brothers. A band of 11 brothers playing rock and roll, surf and soul.

Beverly Bounce House

Beverly Bounce House is a Bloomington, Indiana based underground rap artist. He experiments with many unlikely styles of music ranging from Lo-Fi bedroom recorded pop to high quality studio recorded post-rock. Beverly uses humor and poetic skill to convey a party conscious message which asks of his listeners to "be nice" while still partying very hard. He has released three mix-tapes since may of 2011, Sorry Mom, Karaoke Mixtape Volume 1., and most recently the Clouds As Oceans Mixtape. Beverly also has released over 20 music videos with the aid of other members of the Kroodler Kulture, an Indiana based art collective of which he helped create, also known as Kroodz.

"Killer Hooks. Brilliant Arrangements. Intriguing Lyiics.
Pravada is an amazing group of song writers. AND they are
Amazing live." - Brad Holtz - Program director 92.3 WTTS

"Pravada really boasts a beautiful formula. Jesse Lee truly
has one of the most lush, unmistakable voices I have ever
put an ear to. The rhythms, the drums, the melodies... the
band slips an understated luster and hope into the chasm
of music." - Danica Johnson - donewaiting.com


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