Dark Seas

Dark Seas

We began jamming in Diegos basement in September 2010, after Irvin bought a bass, and skateboarding got too hard. Kyle would come over and sing some Joy Division songs cuz thats all Irvin knew how to play on the bass at the time. The only thing we were missing was a drummer who could consistently play with us. We met Rhett shit faced at a party, and he said he would be down to play drums. We figured it was just drunk talk, but he called us the next morning ready to go. We moved practice spaces to Rhetts basement, and began jamming everyday. In December, after playing together for a few months, we decided to play our first show as a Joy Division cover band w/Max Pain, at the SK801 XMas party. We played under the name Third Reich, and figured this was a one time deal, and we would never play another show again. In February, T Coy, from the Groovies, hit us up about playing a show at Kilby Court, with them, Dirty Blonde, and Fox Van Cleef. Not realizing this meant NO COVER songs, we took the gig. We got ourself in a pickle, and had 21 days to make a few songs. This was definitely not an easy task, due to the fact we never wrote music before. We tried to back out, and T Coy said if we didn't play he would rip our cocks off! We prepared 4 half finished songs, and we were some what ready for the show, except we needed a name. Rhett through out the name Dark Seas, and we all agreed. 6 months later, we've played over 20 shows at Venues such as Urban Lounge, Kilby Court, The Woodshed, Burt's Tiki Lounge, The Complex Brewskies, The Sand trap, and The Garage. We did a southern California Tour with Max Pain and the Groovies, and are currently working on our first EP, which should be dropping sometime in October. We wanna thank T Coy, The Groovies, Spell Talk, Bad Brad, KRCL, Kent at Midnight Recording, SK801, all of our friends for there support, and constant commitment to partying and raging at all of our shows.

El Amor

El Amor is a group of individuals hailing from the metro Denver area who came together to express their shared love of music. Mixing garage rock arrangements with catchy lyrics, hip hop flavor and a Do-It-yourself punk mentality, they create a unique sound unlike anything you have experienced before. With song topics ranging from government corruption to ladies of the night to UFOs, El Amor is a group that refuses to be easily categorized.
El Amor is spanish for "The Love". It represents these four young mens' shared passion for making exciting, dynamic rock music. This dedication can't be stopped by broken instruments, homelessness, mental breakdowns, incarceration, women problems, or wicked hangovers.

El Amor harbors an intesity to their sound crafted through riff rock arrangements, punk rock fury, with undeniably catchy rhythms that will either get you moving on the floor or towards the door.


Solterra is a four piece band that currently resides in Denver, Colorado. The band released their debut album Soul, Earth, Sun on February 28th 2012, and their follow-up EP Umbra on November 6th, 2012. and can both be downloaded for free here: http://solterra.bandcamp.com.
They are currently looking for new show prospects and management.

Solterra strives to create fresh and unheard soundscapes in their music by combining instruments into a fusion of progressive instrumental music. The music knows no limits because the band chooses to explore many genres, and weave in and out of
many different emotions in their songs. Each song attempts to provide the listener with a unique listening experience.

Talk All Night

"Kate Warner produces the band's danceable tracks alongside Layden Bryant writing energetic guitars and vocals. Jordan Bryant plays heart pounding bass riffs while the unstoppable Brady Shaw plays drums on top of electronic beat structures. Talk All Night puts on a fast paced show not to be missed with a midi triggered video presence that will blow you away."

Cloud Catcher

Consisting of Jared Soloman Handman on Drums, Andrew Vandeusen rattling insides on the bass, and Rory Rummings wailing into your mind with his riffing and vocals Cloud Catcher is a power trio based out of Denver, Colorado. Possessing sounds louder than the mountains falling, and heavier than the steps of a colossus bound to sonically assault. Drift on seas of cosmic foam and smoke with us.

$3.00 - $6.00


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